Sunday, February 19, 2006

Richard Cheney's Explanition

Richard Cheneny may caused the death or future death of another individual while under the influence of alchol and with carelessness on his part personally accidently shot an older fellow in the face and neck. The consequences of which were further complicated because at least 4 other individuals were watching, none of them had a licenes to hunt,and there was a mandatory punishment of $25 to $500 dollars as a state fine for the penality of reckless indangerment of a person with a fire arm. Also there was a media blitz out there to get him and even made point of the fact that he did not inform themof his actions for some time, and it was only a matter of time till they started the "first vice-presiedent to ever soot some one in the face while in office..." headlines.

How does Bush respond to the Cheney's admission of guilty?

Hear for yourself:


uh I thought thought the vice presidnet handled the issue just fine he went to uhh and I thought his explaination yesterday was a Powerful explaination a this is a man who uhh likes the outdoors he likes to hunt and um he heard a bird flush and he turned and pulled the trigger he saw his friend get wounded and it was a was a was a was a deeply tramatic moment for him and obviously for the ..__? was a tragect moment for Harry Wittington and so I thought his explaintion yesterday was a very strong and PoweRful explaination and I'm satsfyed with the explaintion he gave

Bush says that Cheney did the right thing after the fact. AND says states that Cheney's explaination of the situation was enough pushinshment for the crime. In other words it justifyed what happened and closed the matter.


Carelessness with guns is a real issue with american's right now. You see someone might draw the conclusion that shooting someone in the face on accident is an acceptable way of life.

While we feel sad for Richard Cheney and the victim of recklessness lets also feel sad over the other deaths that caused by guns used by this administraion. Cheney pulled the trigger not only against a single man but he also used his power to create a war. He pulled the trigger that time too.

Iraq was kind of like that. The iraqi people getting murdered today are kind of like
Wittington getting shot. It was just an accident the victim was caught standing between us and the bird. The bird being a metaphore for oil, or for a pre-emptive attack on a people that did no harm to us.

Bush's decisions to ignore the problem and continue onwardly is the wrong approach. We the american people know this. We know there is a better way. Our parents went to the moon freed themselves from bigoty and racism and they even stopped an unjust war.

Our grand parents saved the world from a crazed tyrannt and faced hardships that we can't begin to imagine today. Our parents gave us laws, moeny and strucutre to lead us away from harm. And we have helped with the rest of the world to become the beautiful thing that it is. One of the lessons our parents have taught us is that we can face our hardships if we work together and always walk towards the truth. This gives us a great responsibility to tell the truth and to do whats right. In this situation the struggle we face against the Bush War Machine it gives us the responsibility to say "no". We have to say we don't need your leadership any more Mr Bush.


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