Thursday, February 16, 2006

The race is on!

The race is on!

The contenders:

Bush & Co versus the people of New Orleans and the surronding area (a.k.a. workers)

The finish line:

The end of the 2006 hurricane season

In one corner is Bush's claim to repair New Orleans and it's levee system using private coorporations (Halliburton). Bush as instructed by someone smarter than him put the army core engineers in charge of fixing the levees that destroyed large parts of New Orleans. Bush being corrupt to his very core, a greedy man that does not love his country nor care about the working class heros of New Orleans used a substandard mix of soil a mix of Clay and Sand.

Word to the wise:

In the other corner we may have a lot of people missing but we have a dedicated team of workers, engineers, and scientists. It's their job to build the levees. But their hands are tied,
  • they were not allowed the resources to use New Orleans own native soil to fix the levees
  • they are not allowed to measure and demostraight the fact that the clay will not do the job, the fact that the levees already have been assigned a maximum life span of only a few years, the fact that the soil used is likely to erode in condition of water or mud.
  • most resources they will need including man power, earth movers, bulldozers, oil, gas, rope, binoculars, and communication equipment has already be allocated for use by the military in other parts of the world

So the race is on will Bush's greed and corruption put the same people at risk a year later or a few years later. It matters you see, if it happens this year people will notice investigate and there will be too much data for Bush to hide. If it happens a year or more later then Bush has escaped outstanding critism and blame for corruption.


This just in:
Cnn Reports:
Levees ailing before Katrina hit, report finds

DemocracyNow reports that not only sand is being used in the levees but also crushed Sea Shells. Crushed Sea Shells is similar to sand, except the pieces are larger. Larger pieces can catch more water and kick up more debris that tiny pices of sand.
It's looking bad for Bush.


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