Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New school funding plan from Bush

It seems that even Bush is starting to realize that they can't pay the bills. Although Clinton raised a lot of money during his reign Bush has taken us back to the negitive and in record time.

Money is needed for public schools. Where does Bush propse to get the moeny from?
Selling land.

Selling federal lands some once reserved to keep forever as a part of American heritage to get money that he threw away at a needless war. The land will go to polluters and hurt our children. Then Bush will determine how to spend the moeny thus losing the land and the money in another stupid ill-advised decision.

There are other ways to raise money. Better ways.

But the best way I could think of is to stop spending $100,000 per minute destroying a culture that we don't understand. Each 15 seconds Bush could easily save a school. Some schools might take 30 seconds or even a minute.

By the time I have finished writing this we could have saved 2 schools, but Bush would rather sell off our heritage.


Look closely at the land it is trying to tell us something.
(Impeach Bush, save a tree)

Even this tree is noticeably sad.

Say good bye to peacful scenery, Bush sees your profit potential and is deciding to cash in.


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