Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New photos of Abu Ghraib surface

New photos are out. Some American patriot must have put this camera where the sun don't shine to bring light to our democracy. The question is do these photos give us hope for the future? Did we learn from out mistakes? Are we going to own up to our mistakes?

Our really really fucking stupid mistakes. The entire world now gives us less respect and thinks that our military, Donald Rumsfeld, Bush, Garth "puss puss" Brooks and Richard Dickhead Cheney are gay freaks.

Torturing doesn't give us info we can use. Torturing farmers and people without answers gives us less hope as a nation.

So ask yourself, are you proud of America?
Does America stand for group masturbaition?
Does America stand for being forcefully butt-fucked with a wooden broom handle?
Does America stand for forcing people to drink their own urine?

Hell no.

Not in my name.

Prisoners of the Bush administration, I am with you. Rumsfeld, Bush, Garth "puss puss" Brooks, and Dickhead are all crazy fucking bastards that are hurting my country, as well as your physical being. I will do my part to make these fuckers stop. I pray that you can hold out.


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