Thursday, February 16, 2006

Listening to "the Filter"

Bush often tells us we are listening to "the filter". By filter he means what most people call the news.

I couldn't agree more with the statement that we shouldn't listen to filtered news. The Bush War Machine is the biggest filter you will find. Think about it, it is so obvious.

I can prove the statement: Fox viewers were quizzed and found to be more likely to confused about current events. They confused Bush's propaganda with facts such as: Who are the bad guys? Why are we at war with Iraq? Were the hi-jackers from Iraq? Fox viewers spat out Bush propaganda to these answers not the facts. Who did Cheney go to have an interview with after he "took responsibility" by "admitting that he got caught" for shooting a man in the face, hunting without paying a fucking $7 fee, shooting a person and not reporting the accident to the authorities? He went straight to the filter to tell his story: Fox. (That is after having tried to hide the story in the local papers as an interesting side note, then he went to Fox.)

Distorted messages from the bush filter:
  • It was Harry Whittington fault for getting shot in the face because he came up from behind Cheney and did not signal the shooter.
  • Global warming gets filtered out completly, there are no messages of global warming
  • Al-Jazera is a terrorist organization
  • Iraq is not a quagmire
  • Social security is in more danger that economists predict
  • The idea of the Big Bang is only theroy and is one of hundreds
  • Hugo Chavez is a terrorist or is helping the terrorists
  • Bush is handeling North Korea well
  • We have found WMD
  • The only way to have know if there were WMD is to do what we did
  • The war(s) are going well
  • Latest: HSAs are a good replacement of the current working healthcare system

The Bush war machine droped leaflets on the iraqi people telling them how to see the up coming war, they are being liberated not occupied, we are killing your evil leaders not you, we are going to make everything better. Bush treats the American public the exact same way, tells us what he wants us to hear, think, and be conserned with.

Some news organizations that are not filtered are PBS (which bush is trying to destroy), Al-Jazera (which Bush has bombed, kidnapped, and tortured) and The truth is a threat to Bush so he is trying to destroy our ability to get unfiltered news.

Listening to and obeying "the Filter" can be dangerous.


Blogger zdux0012 said...

Bush uses the expression "the filter" to mean any news that is not toting his party line. Republicans, consertitives, and other right-wingers are accused of listening to the filter.

1:13 PM  

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