Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How liberals can win the abortion issue

The "pill" contains a female hormone that gets into our drinking water and hurts males sperm count. It is bad for the enviroment and ourselves. We should not use it. But it should be legal for people to use. Whether or not we agree with it's use being so bad for the enviroment. Ways to make it safer for everyone should be researched.

Abortion should be no different. It is a practice that should be rare, but a medical decision that is none of your business.

Bush increases abortion rates clinton decreases them.
Making abortion illegal does not make it disappear.

Bush can't deliver the results that democrats have shown.

If you want to stop abortion vote democrat.

If you want to turn abortion to a scary and dangerous black-market (see Japan) then Bush is your man (sorry I meant boy a man can face critism and is not scared of a lone tshirt).


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