Friday, February 17, 2006

Gay Freaks

I don't hate gays. My roommate is one. We don't have problems. I just don't want to be asked to participate in any gay activities. He understands and we we do just fine as friends.

What really makes me mad is this Administraion forcing their gay agenda on the american people, on the world, and on the only people they can get it on with our prisoners.

The Entire Bush Administraion has an obsession with gay hardcore prison sex.

What do you think Bush is thinking?
  • I got me a piece of corn
  • I'd like to see what this looks like rammed up an Afghani farmer's rectum

I'd like to give Bush the benifit of the doubt,, that he doesn't want to use the corn for sex acts. But his own record stands against him. Most likely Bush is thinking about gay prison sex as he holds his corn.

Ok here is another:
What do you think Rumsfeld did with that pen later that night?
  • Wrote a letter
  • Had a Army private fly to the Whitehouse that night to take the pen to guantanamo prison and have it first filled with blood then rammed up a camera man's ass from al-Jazera. Then the next day had the pen returned where he gave it to a secertary to refill with ink where it was used to renew the patriot act.

I'd like to think that Rumsfeld was not a ass freak, but the evidance stands againt him. He signed off on the tortue methods used and even made specific comments on some methods of torture that he thought were less dificult than things he did on a daily basis.

Cheney on the other hand is a real sick-o in the closet gay freak. He is the type of person that ties up gay people to the back of his pick-up truck drags them to their death then puts his dick in the dead corp's hand and snuggles all night and then crys about his mommy. He is the type of fag that gets into fights at gay bars because he hates faggots. For him it might not be about liking men so much as it is about issues he has with his parents.
Honey, do you want another beer before you go to bed?


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