Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney "Takes Responsibility" for Shooting Hunter

Whoopity Shit, congradulations for taking responsibility. What about the false evidance that cause 2,000+ of our people to die? Are you taking responsibility for that too?

No, Cheney is only taking responsibility for shooting someone in the face. Only 4 days after the fact, only because the media attention is requiring him to do so. Only after trying to hide it for 12 19 hours. Only after having broken 2 laws over a $7 stamp and failure to report a hunting accident. And only for the fact that if this old-fart croaks on Cheney it might be much harder to pass the next neo-con screw-the-poor bill.

Cheney this is not what I call "taking responsibility". Sure CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox can call this "taking responsibility". They will call it what ever you tell them to call it. But I think you are full of shit. And I am not fooled by your words.

What you are doing is "

admitting that you got caught

" not "taking responsibility".

Congradulations to Richard Dickhead Cheney for admitting that he got caught.

Here is your reward


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