Monday, February 13, 2006

Bush's personal loss

I usually spend my time thinking about what Bush has taken from us. Recentally some hate mail I recieved (yeah I wish) suggested that I look at what president Bush has sacrificed for us.

I thought about that for a long time. I must confess that the idea never hit me and I had a little trouble finding something that met the qualifications. And then it hit me. Bush has taken a personal hit where it hurts the most: Bush's bank account.


Does president Bush today have more money or less money than when he first ran for president of the United States?

A. Less Money
B. More Money

The answer is "C" Much More Money

You see Bush only makes $400,000 dollars a year.
Now figure $400,000 * 8 = $3,200,000

Only 3 million dollars.
That sounds like a lot. But you have to factor in expenses. Bush spent $193,000,000 dollars in the first election and $306,000,000 (a record high). Once you factor that in you realize that Bush is (496,000,000) in the hole.

You make a pie chart out of that and you see a bloated pac-man.

Of course if Bush has more money than negitive 496 million dollars then I would start to wonder what his contribution was. I understand that he has no sons to give. And I think that if he did he would send his sons. I think that he would honor his sons death if need be and even be the first to morn the losses of war. But Bush has no sons to give.

If Bush has more than 496 million dollars, that is if he has more than double the amount that he has earned as president. And if that money were made in investments from corporations that benifited from his presidental decisions then I would suggest that thoghes moneys should be confiscated and redistributed to areas where poor decision making caused a lack of funding. For instance Katrina could use some well fed local worker to come rebuild the city.

Bush's father is the embassitor to Saudi Aribia. If in that role he has benifited financially then I suggest that money was ill-gotten and should be taken away as punishment for the crime.

Bush has invested in the Carliye group. A group that benifits financially from heavy use of tanks, heilocopters, oil use, grand transportation needs (moving a war machine).

Bush has invested in Halliburton, Cheney is conducting a war on their behalf.

War Profiting is immorale. A cheap war without armor versus an expensive war with fewer losses. Sir my friends and familiy died for your financial benefit. I am an American, just because you are presidnet doesn't mean that you are standing up for America's moral values. Your values make us weak and vunerable. And it's long past time that we took you out of office and far away from making decisions on our behalf.

On a side note: If you take the number of dollars spent on the previous elections and divide that by the actual number of votes received for both candidates. You can easily see that democrats get more bang for the buck where as republicans get swaded voters. In other words Democrats vote for their conscious and make small steady moves. Republicans grab what they can as fast as they can, they spalsh around and are easily swade.


Blogger zdux0012 said...

Consider the idea that if the elections were decided by the following formula:

the number of votes divided by the amount of money spent for asking for the vote

This would mean that bleeding heart liberal idealism would always triumph over all opposing ideas.

Our evolution as a nation would have been much different. For instance instead of having invested billions of dollars in structures to hold prisoners we would have invested billions in psychology studying human behavior, education, state involved social interaction with people. Some other issues that would have changed: human reproductive growth and development, social economic conditions, access to drugs, childcare, healthcare, welfare assistance, acknoledgement of skills in the fine arts, rights to privacy, evolution of internet and rights of control and privacy.

Because we are not liberal idealists we have different names for these issues today:
Human reproductive growth and development is known as abortion rights, contraceptive rights, sexual education, welfare apropreations for lower class citizens to get these items, privacy rights provideed with a state provided doctor.

social economic

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