Friday, February 17, 2006

Bush's next investment in the future

A death chair.

A scary chair that will finally stop the evil super bad guys from telling this administration things that he wants them to say.

I maintain that bush's war against the evil secret bad guy is being conducted by illegal means, providing unusuable data, against a felon that does not really exist in the form that this administration belives it to be in. Furthermore I do not believe this administration actually belives the lies it tells us, instead they use political excuses to extend deadlines.

How many state of the union address did bush give without mentioning the phrase september 11th?

The Cheney Death chair.
It's not out in the news yet,, but it will be. What it is, is a chair that tortures the victim.
  • it prevents the victim from moving
  • prevents victim from pulling out feeding tubes, pulling out ivs, defending one's self, being totally dependant for basic health care (grooming, using the bathroom, having basic privacy)
  • it prevents the victim from defending ones self against rape

I could have also called it the Rumsfeld Raper. But I believe that to be more of a wooden broom handle that Rumsfeld likes to get freaky with.


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