Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bush steps it up a notch

I always thought that the anthrax scare of 2001/2002 was a right wing neo-con that was trying to scare people but not hurt anyone. Some one put up by someone who got a lot of money from Karl Rove. I think this investigation was another one that Bush has postponed until after the next elections (2008 now).

If my theroy is correct. It could mean that the Bush admin is getting scared.

Ricin found on UT campus

Bush is a very political creature. He watches polls most americans don't know even know about. He sees that his positions on illegal spying, torture, ignoring bin laden, ignoreing al qaeda, running a war badly, trustworthyness, social security, health care, broken internation treaties, various homeland security issues, and now this port deal are all looked upon by both parties as negitives.

He's not as worried about not being able to have power to pass another screw-the-poor law. He has been sticking it to the poor for so long now that no one seems to care anymore. His real concern is that he might be publically shamed and humiliate his own agenda by getting thrown out of office.

I think this is the reason that we are seeing more harmless biological scares. Anthrax and this Ricin both occur in nature and both are dangerous enough to scare the shit out of the population. And both are harmless enough to allow a right-wing nut case to justify the crime.

This would mean that I'm accusing the Bush administration of killing innocent Americans in the scarest way possible for political gains.

If you think that this accuasation is unfair. Then I ask you to look at the evidance shown and tell me that the line could not be drawn, and why.

You might think that an American would not attack his own country for any reason.

This means that you think Bush is a trustworthy person. But let me ask you, would you insult your own political allie's children of being a minority and/or bring up the issue of a postitute actually being the true mother of the child in question?

Bush did this to John McCain. He had his people call their people and ask them if they would still vote for McCain if they knew that he had a black child who's mother was a prostitute. Would you still vote for him if you knew that he was driven crazy in Vietnam and considered medically insane?

A person doesn't do such things. It is too mean.

Karl Rove does, and by proxy Bush does too.

Bush could have stopped the calls in a single sentence fragment. But he didn't even try to piece together the words.

The Bush house is corrupt. It is little known that it is also divided against itself. Bush senior doesn't approve of the recklessness of Bush Jr. Cheney doesn't listen to anyone, Rumsfled demands and gets all the true power anyway because he over sees each detail.

Rove could have easily sent out the word to find another right wing nut job. To encourage that nut job to create and use a deadly poison to make a point to his girlfriend.

This is probablly how plame was exposed. Except it wasn't Rove at the wheel as much as it was a scorned Cheney. Cheney's mistake was that he went at the throat to quickly and didn't have the paticence(SP?) to let the media take effect.

It seems Bush's waiting peroid might have given the media time to adjust to the knee-jerk reaction they had. MSNBC is now reporting Bush propaganda. They are stating that this is a partisan issue. It's clearly not. They go on to say that only democrats running against Bush in '08 are the ones making noise.

So it seems the deal was unknown to Bush's propaganda machine. The propaganda machine was 3 days behind the truth. It only makes since that is because they tried to sneak the deal past everyone and failed. Which means they did not have confidence in their ability to get this to go though. Which means they have reservations about it.


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