Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush makes America less safe from shipping containers

Bush has allowed the inspection of shipping containers coming into New York to be conducted by a private company.

The company is owned by a government that has had significant al-Qadea connections in the past. 2 of the hijackers were from this country.

Way to go Bush. You have once again demonstraighted to the American people that you don't give a shit for our saftey. You right wing neo-con agenda to encourage privatization is more important to you than peace of mind.

Fuck you Bush. To me this is just one more thing to fix after we kick you the hell out of office.

CNN Headline: "Bush backs port deal with veto threat"

Must be some big bucks Bush is raking in for this port deal.

Bush if your children die because of this would it have been worth it? Do you value your children less than we do ours? Or do you think that you will be protected living far away from New York. Seems to me you must not be worried about yourself or the saftey of this land.

Bush was caught with his pants down.

He did not invest in security like he told us he did. He didn't put the bucks in our ports and home defenses not even our nuclear plants have much funding behind them. Now Dubai is caught purchasing 90% of the east coast out from under us. This is another bad business decision from the bush administration. This kind of bad decision is often rewarded by kick backs.

On Dubai, yes 2 of some number of some people that attacked us can call their home Dubai. But my personal beliefes is that if I could choose any country I would choose Dubai just after Jordan. I'm not scared of Dubai and I do not think they have anything more than business decisions on their minds.

I do think that to allow a private company to hold this sort of power is a big security risk in itself. And is just the sort of thing that we should have been protecting {with GUID's and self-locking technology}. Bush didn't invest in this option he decided to go for the big bucks: war & oil. But we the people are left to question the decisions of the Bush administration both political, economial, and in logical decisions.

Bush's defense of his actions are simply this: Look where we are now and don't be a whiner.

This translates to normal human as the ends are correct and the means are to be examined in great scrutney. Bush questions, cencores and sliences his opponents. You are against him you are helping the terrorists [bad guys].

Bush has been caught with his pants down though. He knows that the rich bastards that live near the ports will question there cost and consider it as a business opportunity and then realise that it wasn't so expensive in the first place and that would cause the realization that the funds were misapproaited on a mass scale. Bush can cook the books and get CNN to play anything they want, but he can't cook all the books all of the time.

Bush was given the nickname "Bandar Bush" from his close ties to Saudia Arabia..

It seems to suit this issue perfectly. Bush's true loyalities are coming to light.


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