Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bush helps terriorists avoid detection

Bush brags 'The U.S. has thwarted al Qaeda attack in L.A.'

First of all let me just say that I don't believe the headline I got from CNN. I don't think that the underlying truth behind it is really a big deal, it is more likely something small that has a shread of evidance hidden somewhere.

Suppose that the headline is true:

I don't think Bush should be congratulated for doing his job, or in this case getting other people to do his job. Someone told Bush then Bush used it as a headline to escape some bad press for a day or two. Bush sure as hell shouldn't be using this as a political get-out-of-jail-free card.

Isn't Bush Helping the terrorists?

By reveling the facts about just how the plot was discovered isn't he making them stronger and able to avoid the next detection?

Isn't Bush accusessing democrats of doing this same thing every day? Every flunky under Bush accuses lefties of helping the terrorists any time they ask any question that has anything to do with corruption, the neo-con position on terrorism, or anything casting any doubt what-so-ever. As soon as Bush has anything to say that makes him look even a tiny bit competent !BAM! headlines of CNN, LA Times, Fox. But when lefties ask hundreds of questions concerning corruption, money, appointments having to do with the exact same issue Bush has one sentence to tell them: You are helping the terrorists.

Clinton was a very pro-active with Al Qaeda. The toy plans with bombs? Clinton's idea. The idea of going to Afghanistan jumping out of helicopters and shooting up Al Qaeda's army training centers? Clinton's.

The ability to fight Al Qaeda while, making the government smaller, making abortions less frequent, giving America a strong economy, strengthening our schools, strengthening our military, strengthening our world standing. Again on all of these issues Clinton.

The way Bush is helping the terrorists is much worse than the ways the lefties are doing it. Lefties are trying to make America Stronger by looking at the system we have and improving it. Bush first shits on the system, changes it to allow corruption and greed to take over. Then on the first sight of any good news he steals the acknowledgement for it.

When Bush revels how we got'em he tells the bad guys exactly what they need to know. It's like taking 1/2 a bottle of anti-biotics and throwing the other half of the bottle to the disease then bragging about it.


Blogger zdux0012 said...

Less than 1 hour later CNN changes it's Heading to:

"Bush details foiled al Qaeda attack on L.A."

Bush conveys details given to him about al Qaeda and tells the public as fast as he can. What a dope. Someone should tell him that he is helping the terrorists.

1:08 PM  
Blogger zdux0012 said...

Turns out that this was really old data, like 4 years old already. Before the last election. Bush must have been shitting bricks over the NSA case and needed a distractment.

Also I think that at the time, the news had already come out. Bush polished this turd and tried to make it look new again.

5:42 PM  

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