Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bush the book burner

Bush is in favor of censoring any data that might be controversial or just against his neo-con agenda. This covers a lot of data, also in a lot of formats. Books, papers, pictures and the most recent addition is internet webpages.

A couple of mucles from Bush's fighting christian morality police (a.k.a. Homeland Security) recentally hassled an American in a public library for his choice of reading material calling the material obscene. Although Homeland Security is not offically in charge of "enforcing obscenity laws" nor "legally empowered to determine obscenity" they asked the man to take a step outside. An American patriot librarian steped up to the Bush machine by proxy and asked them to take a step outside.

Why Bush's fighting christian morality police asked the man to take a step outside instead of simply closing the webpage shows that these people are not only strong willed but they are also stupid. If you are going to ask me to stop, you are going to need to arrest me and tell me the exact law I broke, these guys didn't know anything about laws. They just knew about fighting so that's what they proposed to do.


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