Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush appoints lobbyist to Federal Communications Commission

The lobbyist’s new job will be to write laws instead of buying them. Robert McDowell you might remember from the Flordia recount. He was one who helped to get Bush selected president although Bush rightfully lost the election. McDowell’s old job at Ma Bell will help to defend the NSA, he will also be the deciding vote in the FCC giving republicans control of what you hear, see, and are entertained by. No more gay teletubbies, queer eyes, public broadcasting, movies from hollywood, or conflicting religious views on popular forms of entertainment for America. Only good ol’ hunting shows, fishing shows, the 700 Club, and Tammy Faye crying on demand as she reads the bible.

If you are a person that likes to watch TV then you should be against Bush.

All lobbyists should burn in hell. All congress men/women that have taken money from lobbyists should be sent to jail. In most countries this practice is illegal.

This wanker McDowell is a traitor to American Democracy.


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