Tuesday, February 14, 2006

boy did we fuckup

I remember back during the kerry campaign. I was watching espn and saw Bush give his dog "Barney" a fish. Bush was out fishing and talking to some local moron, he hands the dog a fish and says, "Barney won't eat it".

At this point in horror I look on as the dog chews up a living organism live on tv. Eventually the dog becomes disinterested and walks away as the fish suffers in pain then dies.

I immedatly posted this on the Kerry Forum. Someone else responded. He said that he just saw kerry give a speach at night, a moth or butterfly flew into his shirt. He stopped the speach and took the moth and allowed it to fly away. He then said that the moth was part of the reason that we are here, to protect our nature.

Instead we have an administration that encourages war, encourages oil use, shot a man in the face, spys on us, kidnaps people, tortures people, doesn't even pay a $7 dollar stamp tax. The difference is like night and day.

We elected the anti-christ

Hell look at Bush's stance on mining issues in WV, Or his Anti-abortion supreme court nominee who ruled that since a coal mine was located above ground that it ignore any laws that pertain to coal mines located below the ground. These were anti-nature positions taken from the administration in just the last month. There are 6 years worth of anti-nature postions taken: strip mining, cutting up national forests and reserved lands, allowing posion in the water supply, the list goes on and on for 6 years


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