Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
Bush and the Administration didn't know that the levee broke until a day after the disaster.

The Truth:
It was recently reveled that Bush did know about the levee. He probably knew before many people of New Orleans. Although they knew more about what that means and the consequences of that.

Bush lied to save himself about 12 hours of looking incompetent. For 12 hours he pretended to not know that hundreds of thousands might die, he took no actions to save any of these people. It’s actually the standard response to disaster by the administration.

Bush standard response to disaster:

  • Stand like a deer caught in headlights
  • Wait for someone to take charge or react, if successful follow that lead
  • Right-wing think tank spin machine will tell you what to do/say next
  • Destroy any documents that might be requested on your involvement with the disaster
  • Deny appointing, meeting, knowing any persons involved
  • Give Cheney’s old company the contract to clean up
  • Blame democrats
  • Accuse naysayer’s of helping terrorists
  • Claim that problem was unexpected and that now Bush has top officals working on the problem


Not only did he know that it had happened before he claims he did. But there is video tape showing Bush being warned about the possible disaster. He even lied to these people warning him, he said that he would be there with equipment to help out both before and after the disaster. He was also told about the super dome, about a possible cave-in (that didn't happen). After the breifing Bush didn't ask any questions, he probablly had a golf game to get to.

If there are any Bush supporters left this should at least convince you that Bush is a lair. A lair in the face of disaster. And a lair to cover his ass.


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