Friday, February 10, 2006

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
Bush doesn't know Jack(off) Abramoff

The Truth:
Bush has even asked Jack(off) about his children. Bush has children as well. They had converstaions so close as to include the topic of their children.

To President Bush:
In the old south calling someone a liar was a big deal. Fighting words. You have been called you a liar so many times now that I think you would start to take notice. There is even a book called "the lies of George W. Bush" (it reads like an encyclopedia). Of course you are a yankee so maybe the words are not as offensive to you.

I guess I should not be surprised from this politician, washington insider, chicken-hawk, son of a bitch (wink).


Blogger zdux0012 said...

By "son of a bitch (wink)" was I referring to my previous comment that his mom was a well-known-to-be-a-bitch person?

3:53 AM  

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