Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New school funding plan from Bush

It seems that even Bush is starting to realize that they can't pay the bills. Although Clinton raised a lot of money during his reign Bush has taken us back to the negitive and in record time.

Money is needed for public schools. Where does Bush propse to get the moeny from?
Selling land.

Selling federal lands some once reserved to keep forever as a part of American heritage to get money that he threw away at a needless war. The land will go to polluters and hurt our children. Then Bush will determine how to spend the moeny thus losing the land and the money in another stupid ill-advised decision.

There are other ways to raise money. Better ways.

But the best way I could think of is to stop spending $100,000 per minute destroying a culture that we don't understand. Each 15 seconds Bush could easily save a school. Some schools might take 30 seconds or even a minute.

By the time I have finished writing this we could have saved 2 schools, but Bush would rather sell off our heritage.


Look closely at the land it is trying to tell us something.
(Impeach Bush, save a tree)

Even this tree is noticeably sad.

Say good bye to peacful scenery, Bush sees your profit potential and is deciding to cash in.

New school funding plan from Bush

It seems that even Bush is starting to realize that they can't pay the bills. Although Clinton raised a lot of money during his reign Bush has taken us back to the negitive and in record time.

Money is needed for public schools. Where does Bush propse to get the moeny from?
Selling land.

Selling federal lands some once reserved to keep forever as a part of American heritage to get money that he threw away at a needless war. The land will go to polluters and hurt our children. Then Bush will determine how to spend the moeny thus losing the land and the money in another stupid ill-advised decision.

There are other ways to raise money. Better ways.

But the best way I could think of is to stop spending $100,000 per minute destroying a culture that we don't understand. Each 15 seconds Bush could easily save a school. Some schools might take 30 seconds or even a minute.

By the time I have finished writing this we could have saved 2 schools, but Bush would rather sell off our heritage.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bush steps it up a notch

I always thought that the anthrax scare of 2001/2002 was a right wing neo-con that was trying to scare people but not hurt anyone. Some one put up by someone who got a lot of money from Karl Rove. I think this investigation was another one that Bush has postponed until after the next elections (2008 now).

If my theroy is correct. It could mean that the Bush admin is getting scared.

Ricin found on UT campus

Bush is a very political creature. He watches polls most americans don't know even know about. He sees that his positions on illegal spying, torture, ignoring bin laden, ignoreing al qaeda, running a war badly, trustworthyness, social security, health care, broken internation treaties, various homeland security issues, and now this port deal are all looked upon by both parties as negitives.

He's not as worried about not being able to have power to pass another screw-the-poor law. He has been sticking it to the poor for so long now that no one seems to care anymore. His real concern is that he might be publically shamed and humiliate his own agenda by getting thrown out of office.

I think this is the reason that we are seeing more harmless biological scares. Anthrax and this Ricin both occur in nature and both are dangerous enough to scare the shit out of the population. And both are harmless enough to allow a right-wing nut case to justify the crime.

This would mean that I'm accusing the Bush administration of killing innocent Americans in the scarest way possible for political gains.

If you think that this accuasation is unfair. Then I ask you to look at the evidance shown and tell me that the line could not be drawn, and why.

You might think that an American would not attack his own country for any reason.

This means that you think Bush is a trustworthy person. But let me ask you, would you insult your own political allie's children of being a minority and/or bring up the issue of a postitute actually being the true mother of the child in question?

Bush did this to John McCain. He had his people call their people and ask them if they would still vote for McCain if they knew that he had a black child who's mother was a prostitute. Would you still vote for him if you knew that he was driven crazy in Vietnam and considered medically insane?

A person doesn't do such things. It is too mean.

Karl Rove does, and by proxy Bush does too.

Bush could have stopped the calls in a single sentence fragment. But he didn't even try to piece together the words.

The Bush house is corrupt. It is little known that it is also divided against itself. Bush senior doesn't approve of the recklessness of Bush Jr. Cheney doesn't listen to anyone, Rumsfled demands and gets all the true power anyway because he over sees each detail.

Rove could have easily sent out the word to find another right wing nut job. To encourage that nut job to create and use a deadly poison to make a point to his girlfriend.

This is probablly how plame was exposed. Except it wasn't Rove at the wheel as much as it was a scorned Cheney. Cheney's mistake was that he went at the throat to quickly and didn't have the paticence(SP?) to let the media take effect.

It seems Bush's waiting peroid might have given the media time to adjust to the knee-jerk reaction they had. MSNBC is now reporting Bush propaganda. They are stating that this is a partisan issue. It's clearly not. They go on to say that only democrats running against Bush in '08 are the ones making noise.

So it seems the deal was unknown to Bush's propaganda machine. The propaganda machine was 3 days behind the truth. It only makes since that is because they tried to sneak the deal past everyone and failed. Which means they did not have confidence in their ability to get this to go though. Which means they have reservations about it.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Even More evidance points to Bush vote fraud

There has already been stastical evidance prooving that cheating must have occured during the last election.

Now we see that the logs of the computer voting system in question back up that claim.

Internal logs of at least 40 Sequoia touch-screen voting machines reveal that votes were time and date-stamped as cast two weeks before the election, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Bush didn't earn my respect so he can't really lose it. He can still lose his job though.

Bush gives congress breathing room for comfort vote

This is it. Bush is backed in the corner. Everyone is against him. Even Pat Robertson is against him on this one.

Fox News is even spinning this as: The British didn't know, Congress didn't know, many parties involved didn't know. Only a few americans and politicals are really conserned over the matter.

CNN said that Yahoo said that Bush didn't know. (He probablly didn't.)

Bush has no options left on the table, he finally scumbs to the will of every single person involved in the world except dubai, and donald trump. So what does King Bush the third do?

He gives us more time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gun nuts listen up

Cheney did more harm to your right to bear arms, than Gore or Kerry ever would have. Kerry and Gore were both hunters.

ARMY: Strength for now strength for later

That is if you survive. And in the mean time you might have to kill or torture a people against the better judgement of your own people, and against your personal and religious beliefs. You may have to donate your grandchildren and even your own resources to the cause of the need of your force.

The solider above all others should know that war is not a solution to a problem. It is an option available to a prepared nation that is far too often used, misused, used as an excuse, and used in ill-prepared manner that creates a bigger problem.

We should never use force when we do not have to. Instead the bush machine used careless, ill planned, ill prepared, overly optmistic, and overly drastic plans.

The real crime of this war is that we let Donald Rumsfled make drastic changes to the war plans.

Let me explain what the war plans are. Imagine a really thick book. That has a dictionary type layout of every possbile war america might encounter. The answers are answers to the following questions:
  • what do we have there now?
  • what can me move now?
  • how can we move more stuff at a given rate?
  • what limitations exist to engaging this enemy?
  • what are the causes of the limitations be it political, economic, resouce realted?
  • what suggestions and/or advantages do we possess that could help (or hurt) us?

  • These answers are the repeated in longer more detailed answers a few times.

The to understand the crime that was commited we must understand thoughes involved. Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney. Both former friends of the elder Bush all economicaly tied to various middle-easters oil companys. What they are not is tactical advisors. They did not study intellgence, military use, or even participate in the military even when they were drafted. Cheney had a gaint wart on his ass (twice). And I don't know about D.R.

Anyway next I need to bring up the subject of micromanagement. Micromanagement is defined somewhere on goole as ...type of poor management where the manager over-manages people unnecessarily. Instead of giving people general instructions and they monitor and assesse every step.

Concern for details, demands to know everything and the use information hiding techniques are common characteristics. Micromanagers force their opinions and decisions into everthing. There opinion is never better than a consisence of their peers. So when in power they will force bad ideas and demand a close minded thinking approach. In other words they will demand that we see the world in an incorrect world view so to justify their actions.

Donald Rumsfled used the idea of technological advancements (achievments from the clinton era) to make the claim that the war plans were in error. And then he hit that giant book and almost wet himself. There were so many details in that book for him to alter, change, reconsider that he had a mental micomanagement orgasm.

The afganistan war went well right? (we won in the short run and didn't get lose a large amount of life) Well that's because Donald Rumsfled was caught off gaurd. He didn't see it coming. Condi didn't give him the memo I suppose. Donland wasn't able to change thoes plans in time, the war was already over. Cheney was in kill sand nigger mode and Bush saw that Donald Rumsfeld wanted to get involved in military decisions. So off Donald Rumsfeld went to fuck up everything to he very last detail.

Once in an interview Donald answered like this:
There are 3 parts to your question.... what we know we don't we know, what we know we know, and what we don't know to know.

Why don't you just say "Fuck you reporter sit down and shut up".

We sent in our troops without allowing invistigations to continue.
We sent in our troops without 100% armor protection.
We sent in out troops without engough gas masks, and biological defense suits.
We started a war, we shot first, we pulled the trigger.

This is a good example of what micromanagement does to a system. I had a psychotic type-A personality micromanager boss once. It always seemed to me when and where he stopped conserning himself in there was success. Only what he didn't touch was not changed altered, or further fucked up in some manner.

Did we have a damn good reason?
Did we do a damn good job?
Did we fix it or make it worse?
Did we do the right thing and are we really proud of the job we are doing and have done?

Pretending to answer these questions as Donald Rumsfeld:

We sent in our troops without allowing invistigations to continue.
We started a war, we shot first, we pulled the trigger.

Well, we had to. It was imparitive that we set a deadline and kept to it, and that they would know that we would keep to it, and that we did and what the repprecussions of that were. What would be worse is not setting a deadline and not keeping to it.

Not keeping a deadline not setting a deadline would give you less knowledge about the situation. Our goal is not to entangle ourselves into a long battle with these people. Our goal is to make sure they don't have any WMD, and can't use them if they did. You decided to break the inspection deadlines for your own reasons.

Powell himself testifies on this very subject before the war. Their missles sucked and can't travel very far. The antraix we sent them died out at the predetermined date as planned.

We sent in our troops without 100% armor protection.
We sent in out troops without engough gas masks, and biological defense suits.

Well of couse not. We have different sets of people that have different needs. Some people need more sentitive equipment, some need armor, some need some of both; and this is repeated though out the.....

Some of my friends got shot and died over there. They would have been ok. I guess they were in the wrong set of people at the wrong time.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush makes America less safe from shipping containers

Bush has allowed the inspection of shipping containers coming into New York to be conducted by a private company.

The company is owned by a government that has had significant al-Qadea connections in the past. 2 of the hijackers were from this country.

Way to go Bush. You have once again demonstraighted to the American people that you don't give a shit for our saftey. You right wing neo-con agenda to encourage privatization is more important to you than peace of mind.

Fuck you Bush. To me this is just one more thing to fix after we kick you the hell out of office.

CNN Headline: "Bush backs port deal with veto threat"

Must be some big bucks Bush is raking in for this port deal.

Bush if your children die because of this would it have been worth it? Do you value your children less than we do ours? Or do you think that you will be protected living far away from New York. Seems to me you must not be worried about yourself or the saftey of this land.

Bush was caught with his pants down.

He did not invest in security like he told us he did. He didn't put the bucks in our ports and home defenses not even our nuclear plants have much funding behind them. Now Dubai is caught purchasing 90% of the east coast out from under us. This is another bad business decision from the bush administration. This kind of bad decision is often rewarded by kick backs.

On Dubai, yes 2 of some number of some people that attacked us can call their home Dubai. But my personal beliefes is that if I could choose any country I would choose Dubai just after Jordan. I'm not scared of Dubai and I do not think they have anything more than business decisions on their minds.

I do think that to allow a private company to hold this sort of power is a big security risk in itself. And is just the sort of thing that we should have been protecting {with GUID's and self-locking technology}. Bush didn't invest in this option he decided to go for the big bucks: war & oil. But we the people are left to question the decisions of the Bush administration both political, economial, and in logical decisions.

Bush's defense of his actions are simply this: Look where we are now and don't be a whiner.

This translates to normal human as the ends are correct and the means are to be examined in great scrutney. Bush questions, cencores and sliences his opponents. You are against him you are helping the terrorists [bad guys].

Bush has been caught with his pants down though. He knows that the rich bastards that live near the ports will question there cost and consider it as a business opportunity and then realise that it wasn't so expensive in the first place and that would cause the realization that the funds were misapproaited on a mass scale. Bush can cook the books and get CNN to play anything they want, but he can't cook all the books all of the time.

Bush was given the nickname "Bandar Bush" from his close ties to Saudia Arabia..

It seems to suit this issue perfectly. Bush's true loyalities are coming to light.


White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe
Frist: No New Spy Legislation Needed
White House defends ports takeover stance

Bush doesn't want to have the conversation about how america is winning the war on terrorism (bad guys), he doesn't want to have a converstaion about who thoes people are, he doesn't want to follow the laws such as the geneva conventions, the abm ballistic missle treaty, the kyoto protocol, or even a $7 dollar quail stamp.

Now I'm going to do something very contraversal I'm going to invoke the name of hitler.
But only for shock value. In reality most dictatorships like Bush have one some common
  • Controlled Mass Media
  • Obsession with National Security
  • enemies are sought out by the power of the state and slienced

Bush doesn't want to have a converstaion about his illegal activities. He has commited illegal acts and he knows these acts are illegal for good reason and based on sound law. Even if what he is doing kills all of the terrorists we still have to hold him in comptempt of law in order for our democracy to be saved. On princable if we allow a man to
be elected and then make drastic changes and indanger national security through a series of bad decisions made with hostility towards the law and of the people simply because he is president then this system of government that in which we live an no longer be described as a democracy.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Richard Cheney's Explanition

Richard Cheneny may caused the death or future death of another individual while under the influence of alchol and with carelessness on his part personally accidently shot an older fellow in the face and neck. The consequences of which were further complicated because at least 4 other individuals were watching, none of them had a licenes to hunt,and there was a mandatory punishment of $25 to $500 dollars as a state fine for the penality of reckless indangerment of a person with a fire arm. Also there was a media blitz out there to get him and even made point of the fact that he did not inform themof his actions for some time, and it was only a matter of time till they started the "first vice-presiedent to ever soot some one in the face while in office..." headlines.

How does Bush respond to the Cheney's admission of guilty?

Hear for yourself:


uh I thought thought the vice presidnet handled the issue just fine he went to uhh and I thought his explaination yesterday was a Powerful explaination a this is a man who uhh likes the outdoors he likes to hunt and um he heard a bird flush and he turned and pulled the trigger he saw his friend get wounded and it was a was a was a was a deeply tramatic moment for him and obviously for the ..__? was a tragect moment for Harry Wittington and so I thought his explaintion yesterday was a very strong and PoweRful explaination and I'm satsfyed with the explaintion he gave

Bush says that Cheney did the right thing after the fact. AND says states that Cheney's explaination of the situation was enough pushinshment for the crime. In other words it justifyed what happened and closed the matter.


Carelessness with guns is a real issue with american's right now. You see someone might draw the conclusion that shooting someone in the face on accident is an acceptable way of life.

While we feel sad for Richard Cheney and the victim of recklessness lets also feel sad over the other deaths that caused by guns used by this administraion. Cheney pulled the trigger not only against a single man but he also used his power to create a war. He pulled the trigger that time too.

Iraq was kind of like that. The iraqi people getting murdered today are kind of like
Wittington getting shot. It was just an accident the victim was caught standing between us and the bird. The bird being a metaphore for oil, or for a pre-emptive attack on a people that did no harm to us.

Bush's decisions to ignore the problem and continue onwardly is the wrong approach. We the american people know this. We know there is a better way. Our parents went to the moon freed themselves from bigoty and racism and they even stopped an unjust war.

Our grand parents saved the world from a crazed tyrannt and faced hardships that we can't begin to imagine today. Our parents gave us laws, moeny and strucutre to lead us away from harm. And we have helped with the rest of the world to become the beautiful thing that it is. One of the lessons our parents have taught us is that we can face our hardships if we work together and always walk towards the truth. This gives us a great responsibility to tell the truth and to do whats right. In this situation the struggle we face against the Bush War Machine it gives us the responsibility to say "no". We have to say we don't need your leadership any more Mr Bush.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bush the book burner

Bush is in favor of censoring any data that might be controversial or just against his neo-con agenda. This covers a lot of data, also in a lot of formats. Books, papers, pictures and the most recent addition is internet webpages.

A couple of mucles from Bush's fighting christian morality police (a.k.a. Homeland Security) recentally hassled an American in a public library for his choice of reading material calling the material obscene. Although Homeland Security is not offically in charge of "enforcing obscenity laws" nor "legally empowered to determine obscenity" they asked the man to take a step outside. An American patriot librarian steped up to the Bush machine by proxy and asked them to take a step outside.

Why Bush's fighting christian morality police asked the man to take a step outside instead of simply closing the webpage shows that these people are not only strong willed but they are also stupid. If you are going to ask me to stop, you are going to need to arrest me and tell me the exact law I broke, these guys didn't know anything about laws. They just knew about fighting so that's what they proposed to do.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Gay Freaks

I don't hate gays. My roommate is one. We don't have problems. I just don't want to be asked to participate in any gay activities. He understands and we we do just fine as friends.

What really makes me mad is this Administraion forcing their gay agenda on the american people, on the world, and on the only people they can get it on with our prisoners.

The Entire Bush Administraion has an obsession with gay hardcore prison sex.

What do you think Bush is thinking?
  • I got me a piece of corn
  • I'd like to see what this looks like rammed up an Afghani farmer's rectum

I'd like to give Bush the benifit of the doubt,, that he doesn't want to use the corn for sex acts. But his own record stands against him. Most likely Bush is thinking about gay prison sex as he holds his corn.

Ok here is another:
What do you think Rumsfeld did with that pen later that night?
  • Wrote a letter
  • Had a Army private fly to the Whitehouse that night to take the pen to guantanamo prison and have it first filled with blood then rammed up a camera man's ass from al-Jazera. Then the next day had the pen returned where he gave it to a secertary to refill with ink where it was used to renew the patriot act.

I'd like to think that Rumsfeld was not a ass freak, but the evidance stands againt him. He signed off on the tortue methods used and even made specific comments on some methods of torture that he thought were less dificult than things he did on a daily basis.

Cheney on the other hand is a real sick-o in the closet gay freak. He is the type of person that ties up gay people to the back of his pick-up truck drags them to their death then puts his dick in the dead corp's hand and snuggles all night and then crys about his mommy. He is the type of fag that gets into fights at gay bars because he hates faggots. For him it might not be about liking men so much as it is about issues he has with his parents.
Honey, do you want another beer before you go to bed?

Bush's stance on the right to vote

We already know Bush invested in a closed source voting machine.
We already know that machine was given an F- by a professor at MIT.
We already know that 14 lines of vb script can change the results of the election.
We already have stastical evidance proving that it was near impossible that the results given to us were not contaminated with voting fraud.
We already heard the story of voting officals pulling voting records out of the trash, the bush machine tied to hide the fraud but was activatly caught red-handed.

We already know Bush is against democracy in this country. And against it in other countrys. We already know that Bush hates our freedom.

What I want to know is what is going to be Bush's stance on New Orleans residents that were dislocated and are now screwed due to his incompetance and his FEMA.

His stance on military voting is to allow late, non-postmarked votes.

I challenge you mr Bush to do anything positive for dislocated New Orleans voters. But I already know what you are going to do. Your response will be the same as you response to the memo "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States". You will do nothing at let it happen.

see www.blackboxvoting.com
see www.blackboxvoting.org

Bush's stance on Iraqi widows

The Bush administration has a new political enemy. Two Iraqi women the Bush war has widowed. They are on the no-fly list and are not allowed to enter the country. The reason given to them that since they did not have a family to return to then they would be a high risk that they would claim refugee status. America killed their families.

You can't have it both ways Bush, you can't make refugees then refuse to allow them to enter my country when they want to educate us on why they are refugees.

Bush's next investment in the future

A death chair.

A scary chair that will finally stop the evil super bad guys from telling this administration things that he wants them to say.

I maintain that bush's war against the evil secret bad guy is being conducted by illegal means, providing unusuable data, against a felon that does not really exist in the form that this administration belives it to be in. Furthermore I do not believe this administration actually belives the lies it tells us, instead they use political excuses to extend deadlines.

How many state of the union address did bush give without mentioning the phrase september 11th?

The Cheney Death chair.
It's not out in the news yet,, but it will be. What it is, is a chair that tortures the victim.
  • it prevents the victim from moving
  • prevents victim from pulling out feeding tubes, pulling out ivs, defending one's self, being totally dependant for basic health care (grooming, using the bathroom, having basic privacy)
  • it prevents the victim from defending ones self against rape

I could have also called it the Rumsfeld Raper. But I believe that to be more of a wooden broom handle that Rumsfeld likes to get freaky with.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The race is on!

The race is on!

The contenders:

Bush & Co versus the people of New Orleans and the surronding area (a.k.a. workers)

The finish line:

The end of the 2006 hurricane season

In one corner is Bush's claim to repair New Orleans and it's levee system using private coorporations (Halliburton). Bush as instructed by someone smarter than him put the army core engineers in charge of fixing the levees that destroyed large parts of New Orleans. Bush being corrupt to his very core, a greedy man that does not love his country nor care about the working class heros of New Orleans used a substandard mix of soil a mix of Clay and Sand.

Word to the wise:

In the other corner we may have a lot of people missing but we have a dedicated team of workers, engineers, and scientists. It's their job to build the levees. But their hands are tied,
  • they were not allowed the resources to use New Orleans own native soil to fix the levees
  • they are not allowed to measure and demostraight the fact that the clay will not do the job, the fact that the levees already have been assigned a maximum life span of only a few years, the fact that the soil used is likely to erode in condition of water or mud.
  • most resources they will need including man power, earth movers, bulldozers, oil, gas, rope, binoculars, and communication equipment has already be allocated for use by the military in other parts of the world

So the race is on will Bush's greed and corruption put the same people at risk a year later or a few years later. It matters you see, if it happens this year people will notice investigate and there will be too much data for Bush to hide. If it happens a year or more later then Bush has escaped outstanding critism and blame for corruption.


This just in:
Cnn Reports:
Levees ailing before Katrina hit, report finds

DemocracyNow reports that not only sand is being used in the levees but also crushed Sea Shells. Crushed Sea Shells is similar to sand, except the pieces are larger. Larger pieces can catch more water and kick up more debris that tiny pices of sand.
It's looking bad for Bush.

Listening to "the Filter"

Bush often tells us we are listening to "the filter". By filter he means what most people call the news.

I couldn't agree more with the statement that we shouldn't listen to filtered news. The Bush War Machine is the biggest filter you will find. Think about it, it is so obvious.

I can prove the statement: Fox viewers were quizzed and found to be more likely to confused about current events. They confused Bush's propaganda with facts such as: Who are the bad guys? Why are we at war with Iraq? Were the hi-jackers from Iraq? Fox viewers spat out Bush propaganda to these answers not the facts. Who did Cheney go to have an interview with after he "took responsibility" by "admitting that he got caught" for shooting a man in the face, hunting without paying a fucking $7 fee, shooting a person and not reporting the accident to the authorities? He went straight to the filter to tell his story: Fox. (That is after having tried to hide the story in the local papers as an interesting side note, then he went to Fox.)

Distorted messages from the bush filter:
  • It was Harry Whittington fault for getting shot in the face because he came up from behind Cheney and did not signal the shooter.
  • Global warming gets filtered out completly, there are no messages of global warming
  • Al-Jazera is a terrorist organization
  • Iraq is not a quagmire
  • Social security is in more danger that economists predict
  • The idea of the Big Bang is only theroy and is one of hundreds
  • Hugo Chavez is a terrorist or is helping the terrorists
  • Bush is handeling North Korea well
  • We have found WMD
  • The only way to have know if there were WMD is to do what we did
  • The war(s) are going well
  • Latest: HSAs are a good replacement of the current working healthcare system

The Bush war machine droped leaflets on the iraqi people telling them how to see the up coming war, they are being liberated not occupied, we are killing your evil leaders not you, we are going to make everything better. Bush treats the American public the exact same way, tells us what he wants us to hear, think, and be conserned with.

Some news organizations that are not filtered are PBS (which bush is trying to destroy), Al-Jazera (which Bush has bombed, kidnapped, and tortured) and DemocracyNow.org. The truth is a threat to Bush so he is trying to destroy our ability to get unfiltered news.

Listening to and obeying "the Filter" can be dangerous.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bush hates your freedom

Bush has picked a good antagonist for his fake war. His war pretending to free people, his war pretending to save the world from wmd, his war pretending to spread democracy. Bush will fail at all of these goals, he will not free Afghanistan, Iraqis. He will not stop wmd, in fact he is making Iran and north Korean wanting them more. He is not spreading democracy he is in fact showing the way of how not to do things.

In star trek Roddenberry created the ultimate bad guy. The Borg. No souls, bent on capturing you, never stoppable, always trying to find a way in.

Hmm Bush’s bad guy. The secret bad guy. The terrorist is kind of similar.
No souls – any person that wants to kill you must be bad
Bent on capturing you – sure why not, the terrorists could kidnap, some middle-easterners have in the past.
Never stoppable – especially the way the Bush war machine is cranking out terrorists. I bet for every towel head bush has killed he and generated at least 4 more pissed off towel heads.
Always trying to find a way in – sure why not, the bad guys want to hurt us and they have to somehow

According to Bush “they [the bad guys] hate our freedom”

I would almost call this another lie, but I think bush actually believes this line to be more of a slick word smithing rather than a hint of truth.

“They” don’t hate us at all. “They” want us to leave “them” the hell alone.

The person who really hates our freedom is Bush, He is taking away your social programs, he is taking your medical rights, he is taking away your rights to a trial by a jury of your peers, he is taking away your right to call your mom and talk to her privately, he has taken away your rights to travel to other countries, he has taken away your rights to free speech, he has taken away your rights to wear a fucking t-shirt and not get beat-up over it, he is taking away your rights to get education on the issues of science and reproduction, he is taking away your rights to research the human body, he is taking away your rights to fresh air, he is taking away your rights to un-contaminated land and water, he is taking away your rights to get a fair chance for contracts both here and abroad, he is taking away your rights to practice the sexual act of your choice while being able to visit that sexual partner at the hospital, he is taking away your right being able to share your 401K with your sex buddy, he is taking away your rights to adopt a child.

I ask you who hates your freedoms more than Bush? No one

New photos of Abu Ghraib surface

New photos are out. Some American patriot must have put this camera where the sun don't shine to bring light to our democracy. The question is do these photos give us hope for the future? Did we learn from out mistakes? Are we going to own up to our mistakes?

Our really really fucking stupid mistakes. The entire world now gives us less respect and thinks that our military, Donald Rumsfeld, Bush, Garth "puss puss" Brooks and Richard Dickhead Cheney are gay freaks.

Torturing doesn't give us info we can use. Torturing farmers and people without answers gives us less hope as a nation.

So ask yourself, are you proud of America?
Does America stand for group masturbaition?
Does America stand for being forcefully butt-fucked with a wooden broom handle?
Does America stand for forcing people to drink their own urine?

Hell no.

Not in my name.

Prisoners of the Bush administration, I am with you. Rumsfeld, Bush, Garth "puss puss" Brooks, and Dickhead are all crazy fucking bastards that are hurting my country, as well as your physical being. I will do my part to make these fuckers stop. I pray that you can hold out.

Cheney "Takes Responsibility" for Shooting Hunter

Whoopity Shit, congradulations for taking responsibility. What about the false evidance that cause 2,000+ of our people to die? Are you taking responsibility for that too?

No, Cheney is only taking responsibility for shooting someone in the face. Only 4 days after the fact, only because the media attention is requiring him to do so. Only after trying to hide it for 12 19 hours. Only after having broken 2 laws over a $7 stamp and failure to report a hunting accident. And only for the fact that if this old-fart croaks on Cheney it might be much harder to pass the next neo-con screw-the-poor bill.

Cheney this is not what I call "taking responsibility". Sure CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox can call this "taking responsibility". They will call it what ever you tell them to call it. But I think you are full of shit. And I am not fooled by your words.

What you are doing is "

admitting that you got caught

" not "taking responsibility".

Congradulations to Richard Dickhead Cheney for admitting that he got caught.

Here is your reward

Still pissed off about $7

The more I think about Cheney not paying a $7 stamp the more it pisses me off.

Bush didn't seek rubber stamp approval either, but I think this is different.

Could you imagine the rush you would get being vp and doing something illegal? I know that if it were me hunting quail I would bring home the game and brag that I didn't pay the stamp. I mean it would be a rush to do something illegal, especially when you are that high up.

The $7 dollar fee is to make sure that this animal's numbers are accounted for. Not too many killed and not so many as to over-populate. Not paying it means that you don't give a shit about our laws, our land, our nature. The Bush war machine has shown us on a daily basis that it doesn't give a shit about our air, water, or land. This $7 fee is like saying fuck you to the system after you have already shit upon it and destroyed it.

Cheney has so much power (power to kill or kidnap anyone, power to torture anyone, power to make the presses say any bullshit he dreams up) that he doesn't give a shit about us anymore. Not us, not our land, not are air, not are water, not are wildlife, not our laws - even when it comes to a tiny amount of money.

I would say "Fuck you Cheney" but it's more like Cheney is saying "Fuck you America".

Here is the symbol of authority that Cheney disrespected
# 12.406. Class C Parks and Wildlife Code Misdemeanor. An individual adjudged guilty of a Class C Parks and Wildlife Code misdemeanor shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $500.

Deadly Conduct
(a) A person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury... is a felony of the third degree

In other words, if Richard Cheney was intoxicated or otherwise "reckless" then he should be in jail and paying a fine of $500 dollars. If he was just a bad shot then just the fine of $25.

Ok fine, you give us a blood sample and a promise that you weren't drinking and I'll forget all about this "media incident" and delete this blog entry. Cheap shot huh? For thoughes of you that don't know, Cheney has already admitted to drinking.

Given that and the fact that many of you other ditto heads have already said it was an accident I demand only the following: Bush gives Cheney a pardon or we get the fine and the admission of guilt in a court of law. You already bragged that you "pulled the trigger" now I want you to say that to a judge and pay the remaining fine.

The fine I propose is exactly what a Texan Game warden would propose following the laws of the land no matter who he voted for:

If you take Dick's Quail Stamp into budget that's $473.00 and jail or $18 and an admission of guilt to a texan judge.

The whitehouse spin on the issue is that Cheney "forgot" and he promptly sent in a $7.00 check.

How many Americans wish they could have done that when they got caught? I'm sure it's happened on a number of occasions. Only a person above the law is allowed to send in a check after the fact.

Let me illustrate what I mean. Using a chart: This chart represents the amount of money Cheney has. The blue area is the amount of money that is not concerned. The green line represents the amount of money that Cheney saved by shitting upon our laws.
The green line is about 1000 times larger than it should be.

Richard Dickhead Cheney didn't give it to a charity, he didn’t use it to fund Texas State game wardens, it didn’t go to save preserve the quail's population by keeping an accurate count of the stock of Quail per season.

Cheney this portion of his assessments for two reasons:
  1. it was fun to break the law
  2. 2) It is an investment to Cheney’s financial future.

Message to Cheney:
Consider that $7.00 on me, you can take it out of my taxes. I want you to consider that payment for job well done.

You can take that $7 bucks and by yourself a latte and take it easy on me. Sit back and relax. Don't worry about the demons that are going to come from the depths of hell and suck you down for your misdeads on humanity for as long as it takes you to drink that latte.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

boy did we fuckup

I remember back during the kerry campaign. I was watching espn and saw Bush give his dog "Barney" a fish. Bush was out fishing and talking to some local moron, he hands the dog a fish and says, "Barney won't eat it".

At this point in horror I look on as the dog chews up a living organism live on tv. Eventually the dog becomes disinterested and walks away as the fish suffers in pain then dies.

I immedatly posted this on the Kerry Forum. Someone else responded. He said that he just saw kerry give a speach at night, a moth or butterfly flew into his shirt. He stopped the speach and took the moth and allowed it to fly away. He then said that the moth was part of the reason that we are here, to protect our nature.

Instead we have an administration that encourages war, encourages oil use, shot a man in the face, spys on us, kidnaps people, tortures people, doesn't even pay a $7 dollar stamp tax. The difference is like night and day.

We elected the anti-christ

Hell look at Bush's stance on mining issues in WV, Or his Anti-abortion supreme court nominee who ruled that since a coal mine was located above ground that it ignore any laws that pertain to coal mines located below the ground. These were anti-nature positions taken from the administration in just the last month. There are 6 years worth of anti-nature postions taken: strip mining, cutting up national forests and reserved lands, allowing posion in the water supply, the list goes on and on for 6 years

Why didn't Cheney pay the $7 stamp?

Why didn't Cheney pay the $7 stamp?


Fuck them, he is vice president (actually president) of the United States. Some game-warden can't tell him what to do. What's he going to do arrest him? Fine him? Make him fork over the bird?

Fuck that, Cheney eats people for breakfast.

Cheney makes people disappear on the snap of a finger. News camera men that have pissed him off are now missing and probably being butt fucked by America's finest. He had his own guests at the State of the Union address arrested beaten and gone missing in front of the entire congress and while the world watching live on television. He even had a guy tortured for having a name that sounded close to someone else that he wanted removed in Germany.

Cheney has bombs bigger than this chicken little Texas ranger game warden fucker. Hell Cheney's old friend's retarded son used to be the governor of Texas.

Why pay a fucking little $7 dollar fine so some chicken shit can tell you what kind of bird you can and can't shoot.

(I don't agree with this mentality I'm just explaining it for my audience of normal humans so they can understand what he is thinking.)

Cheney didn't need to pay the stamp because he is above the law

Monday, February 13, 2006

wish I had mail

I recentally pretended to get some hate mail that said something to the effect of how would I like it if someone called me a lair, made shotgun marks to my face, called me a bitch with bold red lettering.

I'd have to answer to hate mail like this:

To: Barbara Bush (######@#####.###)
From: ultra_liberal@blogger.com
Subject: Re: how would you like it?
You pose a question to me with an assuption in that question.

The assumption is that I like you did all of these horrible things. Since I did not do these things I cannot predict how I would feel if someone were to rightfully accuse me of them. It is like me asking yoou that if you were a victim of the consequences of your son and of your own behavior would you have written me this letter? No of course not.

Therefore to answer your question I would have to say that I would feel greatful that you pointed out to myself and to the rest of world the truth of the situation. And I would have to hope that you and people like you would help to topple me, and that I too would change to end my tyrannic rule of the nation of America and of thoes that it influences.

I think I would take the news rather badly. Especally if it came to the point that people heckled my mistakes that costs several thousands of lives of thoes that I had affected.

>To: ultra_liberal@blogger.com
>From: Barbara Bush (######@#####.###)
>Subject: how would you like it?
>how would you like it?

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
Bush and the Administration didn't know that the levee broke until a day after the disaster.

The Truth:
It was recently reveled that Bush did know about the levee. He probably knew before many people of New Orleans. Although they knew more about what that means and the consequences of that.

Bush lied to save himself about 12 hours of looking incompetent. For 12 hours he pretended to not know that hundreds of thousands might die, he took no actions to save any of these people. It’s actually the standard response to disaster by the administration.

Bush standard response to disaster:

  • Stand like a deer caught in headlights
  • Wait for someone to take charge or react, if successful follow that lead
  • Right-wing think tank spin machine will tell you what to do/say next
  • Destroy any documents that might be requested on your involvement with the disaster
  • Deny appointing, meeting, knowing any persons involved
  • Give Cheney’s old company the contract to clean up
  • Blame democrats
  • Accuse naysayer’s of helping terrorists
  • Claim that problem was unexpected and that now Bush has top officals working on the problem


Not only did he know that it had happened before he claims he did. But there is video tape showing Bush being warned about the possible disaster. He even lied to these people warning him, he said that he would be there with equipment to help out both before and after the disaster. He was also told about the super dome, about a possible cave-in (that didn't happen). After the breifing Bush didn't ask any questions, he probablly had a golf game to get to.

If there are any Bush supporters left this should at least convince you that Bush is a lair. A lair in the face of disaster. And a lair to cover his ass.

Bush's personal loss

I usually spend my time thinking about what Bush has taken from us. Recentally some hate mail I recieved (yeah I wish) suggested that I look at what president Bush has sacrificed for us.

I thought about that for a long time. I must confess that the idea never hit me and I had a little trouble finding something that met the qualifications. And then it hit me. Bush has taken a personal hit where it hurts the most: Bush's bank account.


Does president Bush today have more money or less money than when he first ran for president of the United States?

A. Less Money
B. More Money

The answer is "C" Much More Money

You see Bush only makes $400,000 dollars a year.
Now figure $400,000 * 8 = $3,200,000

Only 3 million dollars.
That sounds like a lot. But you have to factor in expenses. Bush spent $193,000,000 dollars in the first election and $306,000,000 (a record high). Once you factor that in you realize that Bush is (496,000,000) in the hole.

You make a pie chart out of that and you see a bloated pac-man.

Of course if Bush has more money than negitive 496 million dollars then I would start to wonder what his contribution was. I understand that he has no sons to give. And I think that if he did he would send his sons. I think that he would honor his sons death if need be and even be the first to morn the losses of war. But Bush has no sons to give.

If Bush has more than 496 million dollars, that is if he has more than double the amount that he has earned as president. And if that money were made in investments from corporations that benifited from his presidental decisions then I would suggest that thoghes moneys should be confiscated and redistributed to areas where poor decision making caused a lack of funding. For instance Katrina could use some well fed local worker to come rebuild the city.

Bush's father is the embassitor to Saudi Aribia. If in that role he has benifited financially then I suggest that money was ill-gotten and should be taken away as punishment for the crime.

Bush has invested in the Carliye group. A group that benifits financially from heavy use of tanks, heilocopters, oil use, grand transportation needs (moving a war machine).

Bush has invested in Halliburton, Cheney is conducting a war on their behalf.

War Profiting is immorale. A cheap war without armor versus an expensive war with fewer losses. Sir my friends and familiy died for your financial benefit. I am an American, just because you are presidnet doesn't mean that you are standing up for America's moral values. Your values make us weak and vunerable. And it's long past time that we took you out of office and far away from making decisions on our behalf.

On a side note: If you take the number of dollars spent on the previous elections and divide that by the actual number of votes received for both candidates. You can easily see that democrats get more bang for the buck where as republicans get swaded voters. In other words Democrats vote for their conscious and make small steady moves. Republicans grab what they can as fast as they can, they spalsh around and are easily swade.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another tragedy met with delay from the Bush administration

Disaster with Bush & Co in charge means that delay is necessary to allow time for spin and cover-up.

This time the disaster was that Cheney physically shot a man in the head, neck and chest with a shotgun.

The vice president's office did not disclose the accident until nearly 24 hours after it happened.

The Whitehouse spin:

Whittington "came up from behind the vice president and the other hunter and didn't signal them or indicate to them or announce himself," Armstrong said. "The vice president didn't see him.."

According to the spin it was the victim's fault.

This is not a big news story because unfortunatly getting shot in the head is a pretty common occurance these days:

On average 155 members of the Iraqi security forces die per day
For americans around 3 people die per day.

Cheney almost killed only one person. So it's really not a big deal.


It seems that the tragedy was not the shot person after all but the fact that Cheney was hunting illegally. The shot person also caused another problem, they didn't report the gun shot as required by state law.

Hunting illegally
1 shot person
Didn't report crime

Fortunatly Cheney knew the standard Bush standard response to disaster.


"Hunter shot by Cheney has 'minor heart attack'"

Cheney's had bigger and scarier heart attacks than this guy, besides American's have like hundreds of thousands of heart attacks per year. This guy was probablly going to have one anyway. So it's kind of like Cheney did him a favor by getting him to the hospital quickly and preemptively.

This is not a big story.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Document that got Dan Rather was fired was correct

Before the last election Dan Rather showed some evidence that Bush's commander had fucked off instead of defending our country. Fucked off rather than attending the Champaign force that would get to fly jets around for free. And would never see any combat unless the Vietcong attacked Alabama specifically. That was too much work for Bush.

It seems his commander tried many times to get bush to come to work, eventually gave up and allowed bush to work on a political campaign (which probably involved a lot of drinking and drugs).

According to Mary Mabes it seems that these documents did go though a lot of scrutiny. And were considered real or at least not unbelievable.

Message to WV: Bush is not your friend

Lets face it WV, the reason that Bush is in power today is because of you.
You went for less gun control, Bush won 6 points and was able to manipulate his way into office.

So far in return Bush has killed 20 of your miners, at least 16 of your military (more if you include Afganistan and other activities (couldn't get the numbers)). Shit upon your your mining laws, shit upon your constitution, shit upon your state tax system, and fucked you in the ass in so many ways that I can't list them all: bankruptcy, health care, retirement, veteran retirement, privacy, rights to keep you land healthy and beautiful.

The Bush War Machine is now ass-fucking WV again. Don't take it WV stand up and say "no" to Bush. The Bush War Machine has found a way to save money: charge our soliders for their missing equipment, even if they lose it in battle, even if they were shot up and on medication at the time. Your armor jacket costs $700 bucks and thatss coming out of your pay check.

Send a mail to Bush and tell him what you think of his money saving techniquesgeorgewbush@whitehouse.gov

Quiz: What percentage of the Guantanamo prisioners are al Qaeda members?

Did you say less than 8%?

1/2 of the prisoners accused did not commit any for of violent attack against any nation

60% of Guantanamo prisioners are only loosely associated with groups or people that America doesn't like

40% of Guantanamo prisioners have no connection with al Qaeda at all

18% of Guantanamo prisioners have no connections at all to any form of al Qaeda or the Taliban

Less than 8% of Guantanamo prisioners are al Qaeda members

All data coming straight from the pentagon.


Not in my name!

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
Bush doesn't know Jack(off) Abramoff

The Truth:
Bush has even asked Jack(off) about his children. Bush has children as well. They had converstaions so close as to include the topic of their children.

To President Bush:
In the old south calling someone a liar was a big deal. Fighting words. You have been called you a liar so many times now that I think you would start to take notice. There is even a book called "the lies of George W. Bush" (it reads like an encyclopedia). Of course you are a yankee so maybe the words are not as offensive to you.

I guess I should not be surprised from this politician, washington insider, chicken-hawk, son of a bitch (wink).

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bush helps terriorists avoid detection

Bush brags 'The U.S. has thwarted al Qaeda attack in L.A.'

First of all let me just say that I don't believe the headline I got from CNN. I don't think that the underlying truth behind it is really a big deal, it is more likely something small that has a shread of evidance hidden somewhere.

Suppose that the headline is true:

I don't think Bush should be congratulated for doing his job, or in this case getting other people to do his job. Someone told Bush then Bush used it as a headline to escape some bad press for a day or two. Bush sure as hell shouldn't be using this as a political get-out-of-jail-free card.

Isn't Bush Helping the terrorists?

By reveling the facts about just how the plot was discovered isn't he making them stronger and able to avoid the next detection?

Isn't Bush accusessing democrats of doing this same thing every day? Every flunky under Bush accuses lefties of helping the terrorists any time they ask any question that has anything to do with corruption, the neo-con position on terrorism, or anything casting any doubt what-so-ever. As soon as Bush has anything to say that makes him look even a tiny bit competent !BAM! headlines of CNN, LA Times, Fox. But when lefties ask hundreds of questions concerning corruption, money, appointments having to do with the exact same issue Bush has one sentence to tell them: You are helping the terrorists.

Clinton was a very pro-active with Al Qaeda. The toy plans with bombs? Clinton's idea. The idea of going to Afghanistan jumping out of helicopters and shooting up Al Qaeda's army training centers? Clinton's.

The ability to fight Al Qaeda while, making the government smaller, making abortions less frequent, giving America a strong economy, strengthening our schools, strengthening our military, strengthening our world standing. Again on all of these issues Clinton.

The way Bush is helping the terrorists is much worse than the ways the lefties are doing it. Lefties are trying to make America Stronger by looking at the system we have and improving it. Bush first shits on the system, changes it to allow corruption and greed to take over. Then on the first sight of any good news he steals the acknowledgement for it.

When Bush revels how we got'em he tells the bad guys exactly what they need to know. It's like taking 1/2 a bottle of anti-biotics and throwing the other half of the bottle to the disease then bragging about it.

And it's 1, 2, 3 don't ask me I don't give a damn. Next stop is..

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bush makes America less safe from WMD

Bush drastically changes the state department organization selecting political friends over experts with years of experience in the field of WMD (chemical nuclear). Loyalty over expertise is the rule in the Bush house.

Fuck you Bush

If we are hit while your flunkies are still in power then I blame you.
After we kick out your flunkies when you are gone we will have a lot of mess to clean up. Corruption is rampant thoughout everything Bush touches.

Message from Bush to Republicans

Through Rove Bush has released a new message to all republicans in congress:

Oppose me, stand against me in the illegal Spying that I conducted and I will do my best to get your job replaced by someone else.

Stand up republicans, you wimpy pieces of shit. Stand up for your crappy jobs and tell Bush he can't spy on you without your permission.

The way I see it you can get fired for doing your job right. Or you can take it in the ass while this maniac turns America into a fallen democracy ruled by a chicken-hawk and then lose your job becuase you will be voted out due to corruption.

Bush appointee resigns in shame

Bush's appointee was a pro-stupid college dropout. His ideas included adding the word "Theroy" to "The Big Bang".

I say pro-stupid. Because the Bush administration is pro-stupid. We don't need to educate ourselves in:
Middle Eastern Culture
Global Warming
Human Reproduction
Science in general etc...

See World of Crap for more info.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How liberals can win the abortion issue

The "pill" contains a female hormone that gets into our drinking water and hurts males sperm count. It is bad for the enviroment and ourselves. We should not use it. But it should be legal for people to use. Whether or not we agree with it's use being so bad for the enviroment. Ways to make it safer for everyone should be researched.

Abortion should be no different. It is a practice that should be rare, but a medical decision that is none of your business.

Bush increases abortion rates clinton decreases them.
Making abortion illegal does not make it disappear.

Bush can't deliver the results that democrats have shown.

If you want to stop abortion vote democrat.

If you want to turn abortion to a scary and dangerous black-market (see Japan) then Bush is your man (sorry I meant boy a man can face critism and is not scared of a lone tshirt).

Bush appoints lobbyist to Federal Communications Commission

The lobbyist’s new job will be to write laws instead of buying them. Robert McDowell you might remember from the Flordia recount. He was one who helped to get Bush selected president although Bush rightfully lost the election. McDowell’s old job at Ma Bell will help to defend the NSA, he will also be the deciding vote in the FCC giving republicans control of what you hear, see, and are entertained by. No more gay teletubbies, queer eyes, public broadcasting, movies from hollywood, or conflicting religious views on popular forms of entertainment for America. Only good ol’ hunting shows, fishing shows, the 700 Club, and Tammy Faye crying on demand as she reads the bible.

If you are a person that likes to watch TV then you should be against Bush.

All lobbyists should burn in hell. All congress men/women that have taken money from lobbyists should be sent to jail. In most countries this practice is illegal.

This wanker McDowell is a traitor to American Democracy.

Bush's Plan for the future

Increased spending for the war machine.
45% increase in the pentagons budget.
A new nuclear arms race.

Does America need more defense/offense spending or is it going to need more in Bush’s America?

Less funding for medical research
Less funding for education
Less funding for health care Medicare Medicaid
A total of 1.5 trillion less in spending over the next 10 years.
Less funding for emergency relief efforts such as that which could have helped in New Orleans

The war machine is running at $100,000 per minute. That is like calling 14,286 1-900 numbers simultaneously for 1,056 days.

The numbers don’t add up. You can’t increase the war machine, lower the public good, get rid of oil by 2025, forget about going to Mars.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The "war" in Afganistan

Boy if I had a nickle for every time I heard the
words: "I agree with what they did in Afganistan".

I don't agree with what they did in Afganistan.

Lets disect what I mean by that.

The war in afganistan was actually a small
skirmish. It is not notable in talking
about in most Historical aspects.
Recall Rumsfeld saying that there were not
enough good targets. (Not enough war? what are your expectations?)

The meaning of the "what they did in Afganistan"
is not really about what they did so much
as to convey the idea that there was a time
after the attack that there was hope, we
saw and worked together to fix and repair
then propare together. Together we could
never be threatend my some small people,
people failing to get airplane licences,
people threating to destroy our world
trade center. We could overcome this and any obsticle {I'll get back to this issue later...}

By "What we did in Afganistan" we bring up
these following frames:




a well functioning tough set of leaders
making hard decisions in split seconds.
decisions that were critical for our
survival and or protection,

a well establihed and defined plan which was
executed with a military that was well
prepared for the type of combat

a good understanding of are reasons, goals,
expectations, including a well thought out
budget, a public that has been well
prepared in expectations of the skirmish in

on these following issues :

1) Justice is highly subjective.
In this since obtaining justice
depends on what we know about the
people, are ability to target these
individuals is a factor of the
success of the possible mission that
may be required in special

2) revenge is the same thing as obtaining justice
Except that it adds an additional qualifyer :

The action of the execution of punishments
in which might be the consequence in
restoring or mantaining justice may be
required is enjoyed. Such enjoyment is fun
The rights to feel this fun should not be
injfrendged upon, however that fun also
leads to poor decisions. Seeking revenge
to obtain fun creates a feedback loop into

3) protection was not required in this
circumstance. All attackers were dead
before we responded due to bad
coordination, leadership, and preparedness.
After we collected all of the available data
we had on the terrorists we found that we
had the names, and possible motives of
all of these terrorist there group, there
leaders, there funding methods, their
tatics. At this time we had about 50
guys that could speak or read Aribic.
Getting more of these guys and more of
these guys on the ground and researching
in a more effective way would have
protected us in the situaton. Which is
exactly what these cia guys have been
telling us for a long time.
Bush&Co. exposed our cia, there methods,
the resources they use, their
individuality, even mundane facts about
there booring desk job have come out as
an act of revenge by Bush & Co.
(see more on revenge above)

' a well functioning set of tough leaders
' making hard decisions in split seconds
' decisions that were critical for our
' survival and or protection,

After it was too late, after Bush stopped
reading the story about the goat. It turns out
that our enemy didn't really have much of a
plan, blow up a building then see what happens.

They didn't know we had bunker busters, I
remember one missle. Someone wrote NYPD on it
I laughed, it might have been the first time I
laughed in a while.

Well bunker busters are kind of expensive. Well
really expensive. And they work better on
buildings I suppose. There aren't a lot of
buildings in Afganistan. We took out a little
more than we needed to. Afganistan was a
decision, a very important decision.
You see
we could have blown the shit out of the entire
country or we could have fix the problem. Fixing means
investing in schools, farming and irrigation.
You see now the bad guys are dead. We killed
them yea go team. But did we kill everyone that
disagreed with us. We didn't invest in fixing
the country we invested in a leadership figure
head (that would stay alive long enough) to give
a speach giving us permission to leave.

Our decisions in Afganistan was staged for the
cameras of the TV news stations. After the
popularity of that war died down, little and no
attention was given to it. Resources were taken
from it and innocent women and children died
because of it.

How many of you felt sad when we saw the Afgani
dislike the bread crumbs we dropped for him
from the sky? Suddenly the people that killed
the other people in my country brought me sugar
and candies.

' a well establihed and defined plan which was
' executed with a military that was well
' prepared for the type of combat

Ok Gulani you go in there and reassure the
people me ''n Cheney will take turns playing
mr. president secret spy plane mission. We'll
meet back at a baseball field diamond to be
mentioned later and to get a sack of papers
then meet rumself tonight at the W.H. to tell
rumsfeld that we read it. Powell's job will be
mostly used to defend the presidential image
while Cheney and Rumsfled (Both non-military,
neither with tatical experiance nor any
veterin of any war) will hear the reports and
make tactical decisions which will include a
major restructing of the War Plans book.
Meanwhile we also need Powell to regain control
of congress, so please hold this asprin medicane
bottle and tell congress the exact opposite of the
thing you said in march about Iraq and wmd.
really scare the shit out of them, just in case.

' a good understanding of our reasons, goals,
' expectations, including a well thought out
' budget, a public that has been well
' prepared in expectations of the skirmish in
' afganistan

I'm not saying that they didn't know what was
going on out there I'm saying that they didn't
care. And that they bullheaded themselves into
an idealist neo-con hippy fantasy world while
losing the prime suspect in the case of The World
versus Al-Quedia, underfunding the rebuilding of
Afganistan and therefor losing the war against

You see you don't win a war with Afganistan.

If you think you can:
your either evil
#_Kill them towel heads_#
you think you do not need to fund.

#_Kill them towel heads_#

You cannot kill an entire group of
people without encouraging a group
of people to resist you.


You cannot kill a culture. You can alter
it overtime. Time well spent in this
situation has a great deal of meaning

You don't win a war in Afganistan
you can maintain one, but not for a
longer peroid of time than Afganistan
Afganistan has been around as long as
war has.

We will be in Afganistan to some capacity for a
much longer time than we will be in iraq,
we will be in debt for a time longer than this

On the budget, we funded tax cuts to stimulate
an economy during a time of war and during a time
when we mostly exported scrap metal and imported
every thing else Including the oil used to
fund our war machine. Even our smart bombs are
produced by the chinese.

This cannot be considered a good plan

By the way I would like to say that the war in
afganistan and iraq were funded and run using
"clinton's military" that bush had previously claimed
were "not ready for duty" and could not preform
adequatly he then ran down the military to levels never
before seen at least since the vietnam war era. Bush &
Co did not get armor that could have saved my friends
life. They ran into another war going a new direction so
quickly that they lost site of Afganistan. They lost
the bad guy, they created enemies and resentment towards
the united states, they did not adequalty respond to
the security recommendation provided to them by the rest
of the government and then used politcal power to make
broad changes to the economy and class strucutre of
America's society. There choices and decisions were so
bad that it forces the question to if they are trying to
gain power and control of the democracy by destabalizing
it. And when I ask myself this question I am force to say
yes. All evidance points in the same direction that Bush is
trying to destroy america.

If I were a person that hated america. Such that I really
wanted to destroy it If I really wanted america to crumble
like rome or other so called democracys. Then Bush would
be my best friend. Bin Lauden couldn't have picked himself
a better running mate than this northern yankee bush.

Imagine yourself as Bin Laden:

As Bin Laden trying to destroy america and choosing to use the
method to blowup major world trade economies, knowning that
you could kill as many people as you do in 8 years in
8 hours and having made that decision and find yourself
waiting for the retaliation of the Americans.

You would hope that any action would prevent a retaliation and
that any thing would happen to deter that relatiation and that
the retaliation would grow at an expodential rate directed at
another entity which you also hate for being non-Islam. And that
this war would grow and bring support to your own cause.

You would hope that america's legal system would tie up the works
although you know this is not a real good hope (as turns
out Bush's own distractions during the attack helped out a lot
more than any slow court order. Bonus! You get to continue your
attack, blowup something else.)

You would hope that you had a deep cave, a dead camel skin, and a
lot of friends, and a kidney dailais machine.

You would pray that some other distraction would come
about, perhaps that an Iraqi would lie to the
US about some sort of weapon cache and the US would
mostly get distracted. (Happened BONUS!! you get 3
months of free turns.)

Feeling that you have done what you could do and as a martyer
you would live on forever and hope that America would
grow tired of the war and hire some pakastanis to
chase you instead.

You would hope that the president would get distracted and
stop thinking about me, even announce to everyone in the world
that you are no longer a consern.

You would prey that there new war against the people
of mesopotamia would go badly and instead cause
sympothany for your cause and that this badly run war would
drag on for ages.

You would hope that simutanoisly bad laws, and corruption
would creap through america destablising the class
system and causing panic meanwhile they would be reassured and
continue to buy oil from your lands. (After that you merely
cut all of the oil and america's defences crumble.)

Let me offer my own suggestion of what the war in Afganistan
means: Failure.

The hijackers were not from iraq they weren't from
afganistan either. I don't know if we know today
who they were and how they were funded. But we did
not use our force to transform the tragety to a better

Imagine this: you are a child on a playground you
got a new pokemon card and brought it to school.
Another child come from behind you and takes your
card, you grab for it back he doesn't release it
and you choose to tear the card rather than to let
this child take it from your hands.
So you punch him out. Then turn to his older cousin and
beat the shit out of him as well. You beat the crap out of
him while everyone watches.

Now imagine that time freezes still for 38 months. Nothing
changes except the people watching you fight are starting to
dislike you.

Score: You didn't stop the child from taking your item.
You unjustly attacked the older cousin.
You lost friends.
You allowed and encouraged conflict to esclate
in ill-advised ways using propaganda and bad
Rank: 0/3

On the subject to wearing a t-shirt to a important governmental speach

This isn't like wearing a t-shirt to the Oscars. This isn't like dying your hair green and going to high school. This isn't like having a parade down the middle of new york during rush hour.

This is very very different.

Look at the Bill of Rights. Not Amendment 1, althought most people will tell you that it has everything to do with this subject. This is not about Amendment 1 it is about #2.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

What this is stating is that when the shit hits the fan, when the government is corrupt and beyond repair, or even when it is breaking down then we the people have the right to the equipment that may be needed to correct the situation. This is about revolution. When it is necessary to say no to the governement we the people have the duty and right to do so in order to keep the government in check. In history this equipment has included pitch-forks, guns, even worse devices of death. Bush is a coward, he is scared of a lone t-shirt. A single t-shirt and a simple statement of truth from an individual can bring this administration to it's knees.

You won't find this t-shirt pictured on MSNBC or CBS or CNN or possibly even FOX. The revolution won't be on TV. If anyone knows where this t-shirt is or how to contact the owner. I beg of you to put this t-shirt on Ebay and allow it's journey to continue.

Funny note: Dopes like the one above wearing a stupid t-shirt can be found anywhere on the net. I have an ad-blocker to block this crap.

But this picture below, I had a very hard time finding it.

State of the Union Address Goes Badly

Not to mention that the State of the Union was full of lies and Congress clapping away at the loss of our liberties and other stupid nonsense (and only because everyone else was clapping). I will post a video of the address an rebut it word for word shortly. But this post is dedicated to the other BS surrounding the address ignoring the lies within the address.

The speech is full of reasons to be scared or to feel shamed at the poor decisions we have made in the last 6 years. This speech touched the lives of individuals as well. At least 3 people's rights were taken away on an individual level before and after the speech. The speech started late because they were busy pulling out two women that expressed their freedom in the form of writing on their shirts. One of them was beaten up locked up and then released, she opposed the administration (oops she was supporting our democracy by trying to fix it,, not trying to hurt our democracy by wearing a t-shirt, and she was well within her rights to do so, officials apologies too late.) The other was supported by the war machine president, so she was let go. The third was a guy who was detained and questioned for hours after the speech. I'm not sure if they let him go or not but I bet you they beat him up too.

Hell this administration has bombed news organizations that are opposed to it even jailed a camera man who still to this day does not know why he is in jail or if he will be allowed a court date to make his case that he is not a grand terrorist but only a mere technician with the skills to operate a camera.

Bush takes away our freedoms not only in broad strokes against the public but even to the specific individuals that piss him off. I think Bush got this trait from his well-known-to-be-a-bitch mom.

{if you are going to sue me for slander I just want to say that I will take the case to court and as my defense use the fact that nothing I have said is untrue, or even that it is necessarily my opinion. Barbra Bush has been called a bitch from many people who met her. Psychoanalysis that have studied Bush's relationship with his mom would concur that his mom's vindictive attitude is a trait that rubbed off on Bush, and that knowing this helps us to understand Bush's poor and ill-advised decisions. Furthermore Plame was exposed by this administration, when you fuck with my CIA and my saftey then I am forced to protect myself by walking in the light of truth.}

Fuck you Bush.