Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yet another failure of the Bush administration

Hamas Wins Palestinian Elections.

Making the world safer? I don't think so.

Bush you are screwing up the world pretty bad.
If Iran's nuclear program continues as is, it is likely that Isreal will destroy it. After that I predict the Palenstinian leadership will attack Isreal before Iran will. I think this is how world war 3 will start. If this all happens before 2008 then Bush will demand war time powers and extend his leadership past 2008. (He will demand greater powers: more than what he demands already {right to hold any individual with out a lawyer, right to kidnap and kill anyone in the world, right to listen to any form of communication with out checks}

If Bush has not been throw out of office before this then the people again will have the choice to stand up against Bush or take it.

Bush is the so-called anti-christ that has started this conflict. The anti-christ ledgend goes that the demon is a well intentioned person we trust. He will betray us and demand ultimate powers, we will have to make a decision to rebel against him or not.

Right wing christians are you listening?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush gave the Palenstinians a choice vote for a violent regime Hamas or vote for the Bush backed Fatah.

These people don't like being pushed around, especally by america.

Bush's failure means a more dangerous world for all of us.

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