Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So who's Bush spying on?

Bush is spying on these guys:


Quakers from vermont. People that have protested every war, people that live in the middle of nowhere, people that don't really have the resources to do much harm to anyone.

I'm more scared of old ladies that I don't know, even old ladies that I do know!

It's as if the facists want to spy on the hippies, just because that's how they were taught how to do it. I mean come on, there is a weird guy at the bus stop near my home sometimes he spits at people and he always smells like pee. Go spy on him,, maybe you could solve the mystery of why the bus stop always smells like pee. But peace activists are never going to hurt anyone. It's gareenteed in their motto. It's like spying on linux users looking for closed source activists. It's just ludicrus.

The peace activists can't win by killing people, as soon as a peace activist kills someone they stop being a peace activist and become a psycho. Furthermore,, these are the most level-headed people you will ever come across in your life. These people didn't rush to judgement about hating the bad guys. They don't want to blow the shit out of anyone. If anyone should be commended for being a christian idealist it would be these people.

Bush rushed us in to a war, lied to us, manipulate(s) our media, our voting machines. And now he is going to tell us that our tax dollars are protecting us from level-headed hippies!!

Most of these people aren't even hippies any more. Bush is such a miserable failure that his own base are starting to take over the anti-war base. The anti-war movement is run by not only hippies but also the military, military families, and the poor (for it is they who more often than not get killed in wars).


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