Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Problem with kidnapping

According to Rice, we don't kidnap we don't torture. According to the truth we do. According to the kidnapees we do, according to other countries that have reported missing people we do. According to our own military and cia we do.

This article is about kidnapping, but maybe it should be about lying to the public.

The real problem with kidnapping people is that it opens the door to kidnapping. Hey America does it!

We see this horror unfold as our peace activists get kidnapped. The Christian Peacemaker Teams were kidnapped. I think we should not feel that this is unfair or any less horrible than when we do it.

Of course there is a big difference. We only kidnap bad guys or people with similar sounding names. They (and by they I mean the bad-guys) kidnap any American they can get their hands on.

Before we freed the Iraqis it was possible for Americas to visit Iraq, look around and say take some pictures. After Bush's freedom war {of course I'm talking about the war against WMD, bad-guys, and the guy who tried to kill his pappy} it is no longer possible (or nearly as easy) for an American (or white guy, or Iraqi for that matter) to go to a local Market and say take a photo or two. Bush's freedom war had the opposite effect. The effect of creating more bad guys.

America cannot continue in the mindset that we can kill all of the bad guys. It just doesn't work that way.


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