Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Messages we missed when we voted for G.W. Bush

Here are a few things I think we forgot to consider when we (as a nation not me) voted for Bush.

1) He had never been outside of the country prior to being selected President. (First trip to Europe he was protested against. With signs like "Go Home". If I was there I'd have a sign that said "Stay here".
2) Unlike Clinton he did inhale (or snort, or drink)
3) Most people could not afford his drug of choice
4) He was/is an alcholic
5) He was/is a failed business man
6) He has several ties to big Oil, here and in Saudi Arabia
7) His mud slinging campaign against McCain was way below the belt. A nigger child?
8) We did not fully investigate who sent Al Gore the Box of Bush's prepared speaches. Rove of course did this.


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