Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Marshal kills passenger at Miami airport

This story is so insane that it needs little comment from me.

What if the passenger really had a bomb? Shooting him is the last thing you want to do. This marshal should be sent to jail for the sheer stupidity that could have led himself and the entire crew to death. He is very lucky that this guy did not have a bomb becase if he did no one would be talking about gun shots in airplanes, they'd be talking about the pieces of wreckage found.

He could have hit the bomb.
The bullet could have depressurized the cabin.
The bullet could have ricocheted off of a million different things and hit anyone.

Most likely scenario: He could have shot the passenger, the passenger now shot and dieing would have little reason to not explode the bomb so he would then explode the bomb killing everyone.

Way to go Bush, you really thought this one out didn’t you. I feel a lot safer now knowing that there defiantly is a gun on the plane. A gun held by a guy who has been riding airplanes all day and is itching for some action. How the hell is this “making America safer”???!!!!!

I hope that after Bush is thrown out of office that he rides in an airplane and there is some kind of emergency where an air marshal thinks its a good idea to pull out a gun. Maybe then Bush will see how freaking stupid this idea was.


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