Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Marketing Hype

According to The Technology Liberation Front's 50% of HDTV users don't watch their expensive TV in high definition. 25% didn't know that they were not watching HDTV.

According to my research that means that 50% of HDTV users are idiots, that bought the latest newest gadget beacuse it was the newest thing that they were told to buy.

Lets estimate how much money these morons spent all because they were told to do so. CEDIA reports that 4 million HDTV sets were sold in the US. (That's 2 million idiots.) Froogle reports that a low end HDTV monitor costs $300 and a high end costs $20,000. I could average these numbers together but I don't think that $10,150 is the average price paid. So lets say that the average HDTV costs $7,000. So that is $14,000,000,000 dollars spent by mindless consumers.

14 Billion dollars could buy 2 more months in Iraq
Probablly wipe out poverty in a few states
Probablly cure a horrible disease

Whats more is that of the 50% of HDTV users that do watch HDTV, they only get 1 channel maybe 3. Was it really worth the $6,400 more you spent?

If you are a HDTV owner I hope that you feel really stupid and guilty. You should donate that wasted money to a good cause.


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