Monday, January 23, 2006

Hidden Messages From Google

First of all let me say thank you to Google for fighting the Bush War Machine.

Searching for the word "stupid" on google brings you to bush (3rd link is also the first reference to a person "Too stupid to be president").

Searching for the word "moron" brings you to bush. 1st link "President Moron".

"Corrupt" 1st link's webpage's first picture of a human again Bush.

"war profiteering" 1st link "Truman", 2nd link "Republican", 3rd link "Cheney", 4th link "War Profiteering from Vietnam to Iraq"

"election fraud" = "with anomalies favoring George W. Bush every single time"

I don't think Bush is dumb,, I think it is an image they use to make Bush seem less dangerous.

Im sure the Bush war machine would spin this as popularity = high ranking results in all words including the ones I have cherry picked. Lets try this search a few years later to derive the truth to this.


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