Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Garth Brooks homosexual feelings towards Iraqis

Just a few years ago, Garth Brooks couldn't proclaim his sexual desires loud enough. He just couldn't wait to have anal sex with a group of men using erotic toys on the Iraqi's. His thoughts on the exact sexual act he wanted to preform was turned into a song and broadcasted it to every southern redneck he could find. Furthermore his feelings were so strong that he started (or was part of) a movement against a group of three girls were opposed to the invasion of Iraq. I suppose Garth wanted multiple male on male action not three southern girls. You see Garth knew that invasion of Iraq was his best chance to have his sexual desires come to reality. I believe Garth's own words were that "we'll shove a boot up your ass".

Congradulations Garth.

Now that America has fullfilled Garth Brook's wild fantasies I wonder what he has to say about it. Was invading Iraq and shoving broom handles up foriegner's rectums as fun as you would thought it would be? Was it worth your grand-childrens lives? It wasn't worth mine.


Blogger zdux0012 said...

I am offically calling Garth the most cowardly of all redneck slang, "a puss puss".

Garth until you announce to the public your current feelings towards the war, your thoughts on the lies of this administration, your thoughts towards being a spokesperson for this war, and about the directions that this country is headed I hearby am calling you a "puss puss".

The most recent document I could fine on Garth saying anything publically is here:

Garth avoids any meaningful discussions in this article.

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