Monday, January 16, 2006

Failures in Iraq

I just read that the judge presiding over the Saddam "trial" has quit. Wow, that sounds pretty bad for this administration. I guess it's not the first time.

I've lost count of how many people this administration has appointed to office in Iraq that has been shot, bombed, or otherwise killed. If you add to that number the number of people in this administration (or individuals left over from the last administation) that resigned due to moral objectections, or as whistle blowers you start to see that this adminstration is a miserable failure.

Remember the new Iraqi flag? I saw it on CNN then I saw it in flames in Iraq. That was a terrible idea, to appoint a new flag to a people, to make that flag for our own purposes, to throw Israel into the mix in any form at all.

I would have run the war differently. I would have waited for the inspections.
There wouldn't have been a war,, but say we found super secret bad guy weapons over there and I had to invade to make america safe for democracy. I would have conducted the war this way (this is not written from hind-site these ideas were written down during the time that these events were unfolding):

The propaganda literature we dropped on the Iraqi troops would have had the message of: "Go Home for the next few days, this government is not with you"

Next I would have spent million of dollars to change every single American flag emblem on every single uniform, tank, etc. to have an Iraqi flag included on it.

I would have spent millions of dollars to teach our troups how to speak the languages they would encounter in Iraq, about the cultrual and normal everyday activities in Iraq, and that would have included a system to teach our troops to respect and honor their religions.

I would have spent millions of dollars to get the radios, armor, and anti-badguy poison defense utility belts that were needed. I would have enough left over to give to the citizens if we did indeed find that this was needed.

I would have stopped the looting, I would have sent in a UN peace keeping force. I would have had the help of a coalition of the willing that was willing and was deverse.

I would have our troops asking Iraqis for advice on the best way to keep order.

I would have chopped up Saddam's palaces in to little bits, boiled them down to their elements (gold silver etc.) and sold that to generate money for libraries and schools.

I wouldn't have lowered taxes in an attempt to bankrupt social security.

We could have done it right.


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