Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Did Bush really tell Blair that he wanted to blow up Al Jazeera

Of course he did. And if you think otherwise then you are forcing yourself to belive a lie, you don't want to believe that just maybe America has elected an right-wing, Coke-head, gun-nut to the highest office in our land.

Proof? Do you want proof. Well for starters lets look at the memo. But we can't yet can we? Why has Blair hidden this memo? Because the truth would hurt too much. It would help the "bad guys" (I won't use the word terrorists).

Next lets look at the media campaign against Al-Jazerra here in our own land, hell at the time I wanted to blow them up. I assumed that they were right-wing crazyies that is until I read their news and decided for myself.

More proof? Ask the reporters that have been killed and shot at by our own Armed forces. Al Jazerra has been very open with telling America exactly where their offices are located. We have asked them many times about the location of their offices, and they have responded promptly each time. Sometimes just after us having targeted them for demolition. Sometimes just before blowing them to shit. They have nothing to hide, they are only reporting the news.

More proof? Ask the Al Jazeera reporter that is currently being held in a black site by our government. Oh wait we can't ask him can we? He's probablly getting ass-fucked with a boot by Garth Brooks right now. Why are we holding him? He was at many sites that we targeted with bombs. How did he know? Did he have inside information? Or did he just have better luck with the traffic since he is a local. The mere fact that we are holding a foriegn reporter in our secret-bad-guy-prisons is proof enough that this dick-head George W. Bush has a bone to pick with Al Jazerra.

More proof? Look at how Bush has manipulated the media here and in Iraq. He is the master of propaganda. The Bushites treat the truth like this: What ever people believe is true is true enough. Americans are too fat and lazy to stop eating pop-tarts or to get off the couch to give a damn.

When the facts fail Bush, Bush makes them up.


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