Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bush's Bullshit Plan for Success in Iraq

I make it no secret that I am no fan of Bush. I don't like greed. I don't like fundamentalist thinking. I don't like liars.

But I was excited to read Bush's new PDF document explaining his vision of success. (http://www.whitehouse.gov/infocus/iraq/iraq_national_strategy_20051130.pdf) You see I have been lazy, like all of us American's I didn't put the time and effort into learning about the many minorities in Iraq. I don't understand the differences between the Shi'a and Ba'ath's. I can't name them all and I don't know their religions. I don't understand their cultural differences or how Saddam managed to keep them working together.

I wanted to read a paper explaining all of this and how it would fit together. I wanted to be reassured that someone had taken a hard look at all of these details and put them together for me. Instead what I got was a overnighter. We've all stayed up till 4:00 am to write a term paper that we had put off to late. Hoping to get a C- and pass the class. Bush's Plan was no better than that.

It gets worse. It wasn't just an over-nighter. It was written by right-wing think tanks to buy the administration a couple of days off. I have heard 8 year old children plan out their day at the zoo in greater detail than this steaming pile of dung. It was written so that people wouldn't read it, they will look at the fancy title and skim though it, just until they see that it says nothing new. If the message is the same as it has always been then it must be right, right?

A very simple word count can rip this document apart better than an in-depth analysis. An in-depth analysis assumes that this piece of crap deserves to be looked at. No no, this pile of shit deserves only what a database can do in 8 seconds.

This is a substring search so searching free will return in occurances such as: freedom, free, or freeform.

First just to test the word count lets try the word “the”.

The – 1053

Next lets try meaningless buzz words:

Freedom – 26

Strategy – 44

Terror – 103 (3 times per page!!)

Now lets get to the meat of this document. Well search for some common minorities of Iraq:

Shi’a – 4

Ba’ath – 0

Kurd – 2

Is there anything more important than these minorties? Well obviously not to Bush.

Bush – 7

Bush's own name appears in his (that is written for him) plan for success than the minorities that it seeks to manipulate. Hmm I smell stupid


Blogger zdux0012 said...

I am not joking when I say I have heard 8 year old make better plans.

It went like this:

First we'll go here so we can do this..
Then here because it is close to..
Eventually we will come to here, gramp-pa will need to take medicane and eat at __:00 o'clock.

All planned out from car to eating to car, including each activity, how long it would take. All done by 8 year olds.

Given the right data about the situation an 8 year old would have done a better job than Rumsfeld method of micromanagement.

6:05 PM  

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