Friday, January 13, 2006

Bush's Axis of Evil Speech Screwed the Pooch

One of the many stupid things said by the administration was that Iran was part of the Axis of Evil. Axis of Evil implied that they were working together not a disjoined community of bad guys. Saddam + Osama had different ideologies, N. Korea scares the hell out of everyone equally, and the rest of the middle east is also divided into smaller factions. There is no joined community of bad guys.

What Bush didn't realize (or he did realize and he was recklessly doing on purpose) is that his bad guy's speach, while firing up rednecks here was simutaniously firing up rednecks over there. Level-headed leaders of Iran who were trying to make the case that America wasn't so bad after all could no longer make that case. Think about it,, if you are saying that Jim's not so bad yet at the same time Jim is telling everyone that he hates you, you hate him, you hate his way of life, and that you are an obsticle to peace and freedom,, then people aren't going to listen to you any more about Jim. And that is exactly what happened. We screwed any chance we had of a diplomatic solution for at least 10 years.

I rose the question of did Bush act stupid purley on neglect of intellectual thought or did he act stupid on purpose? Did he think he was helping doing the right thing? I would argue that either way this guy is just as dangerous to our way of life and to our freedom. I cant tell if Bush is really that conspicuously unintelligent. I suspect that he knows exactly what he is told to do will in fact cause a lot of harm. But I believe that he thinks this harm is only in the short term, in the long term things will magically work out for the better.

You see I believe George isn't a man that likes to read, he himself boasted that his wife does the reading for the family (Although I don't think Cosmopolitan should count). So that leaves him movies as the main form of entertainment. I don't think he watches cowboy movies being a connecticut yankee, if he watched cowboy movies I think he would have turn out a little better. No Bush is a terminator 2 guy, vigilantes with a cause, chasing down the evil bomb maker before it explodes, even an occasional evil space robot movie. All of these movies have a common theme: big fight then the good guy wins, oh yeah and we are the good guy.

I believe that Bush knows that he doesn't know all of the answers but that he believes that his abusive mother did. His momma used to scare the shit out of him,, maybe even whack him on the head a couple of times. I know she scares me. His mom needed a tough exterior, I don't blame her for that, we all develop our own coping mechanisms. Because of that the mom got her answers from the toughest neo-cons she could find, which includes Pat Robertson. So Bush does't know the answers or the methods to get what he wants, he may not always know what he wants, but he knows who does know all of the answers. And that's his mom and her neo-consertive base.


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