Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bush Spys on US

Bush didn't ask our permission before he listened to our phone calls. He didn't ask the courst to rubber stamp it either.

He doesn't understand how democracy works, or he understands it perfectly and he is trying to undermine it.

Here is how it works: We watch the government to make sure we are safe. The government does not watch us to keep us safe, when the government is watching us it means it is trying to control us and it has something to hide.

Can you trust someone to watch, protect, and inform you of danger? No I don't think so.


He listens to your phone calls, he increases your state taxes, he's telling you what medical procedures you can afford and can preform.

He didn't forget to ask permission to tap our phones, he just did it. He didn't want the permission. He didn't seek the power of the rubberstamp because he sought out to destroy it. It's the federalist parties goal to expand the powers of the president and erode the powers of congress (which means we the people). This allows for corruption, or has the administration would put it kick backs.

He didn't forget to ask permission, he knew what he was doing was wrong. His flunkys knew it was wrong, even the dying John Ashcroft was a hesitant. You know what happened to the last guy.

He listened to our phone calls without seeking the rubberstamp approval of the court system. He could have easily gotten the warrents he needed but that's not what he did.

Just who is he listening to? Is he listening to Biden's conversations with Kennedy? Is he? How can we know that he's not? Suppose that he had fore knowledge of a democratic senator's conversation with a diplomat or another congressman. I'm not saying that Bush is trying to spy on Ted Kennedy I'm just saying that he is opening the door to this sort of behavior. He wants that option on the table. He'd also use it if he could.

Oh and by the way he can.

Bush is also trying to sneak in laws at new points thoughout the legislative process. He's trying to destablize congress.

Hell of a plan isn't it? Get power by tampering with the voting machines, get class warfare by bankrupting the economy, get money by creating a war and fear.

the revolution is coming, I can hear it like a thunderstorm pounding.

You can fool all of the people some of the time. But we are not fooled, and your time is up.


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