Monday, January 23, 2006

Bush Kills Again

I've already reported that I attribute the recent deaths of miners in WV due to a pullback of funding of $15 million dollars.

Bush has killed more miners. West Virginia Are you Listening?

The Bush administration has changed the rules again to allow miner companies to store oxygen equipment near and next to conveyer belts. Earth to stupid oxygen burns, conveyer belts are covered in coal (coal burns), and conveyer belts aparently have rubbing metal parts that spark.

The WV miners are no fools they knew this was a dangerous combination. They knew that their greedy Virginia owners don't care either. Less space = more money. It's not the Virginia owner's that are working in the mines, it's not there sons or daughters either. It's the poor WV coal miners that are paying the price.

Recentally a fire was caused by oxygen equipment and conveyer belts, my heart and thoughts go out to thoughes families affected by this tragic loss.

This was preventable. If congressional lobbying was illegal, this wouldn't have happened. If our president wasn't for sell this wouldn't have happened. If Bush had a heart this wouldn't have happened. If Bush had a fully functional (non-Coked) brain this wouldn't have happened. If the people's votes were counted and democracy prevailed in 2000 or 2004 this wouldn't have happened.

Bush I blame you for these deaths, the deaths from the previous accident (that could have been avoided see previous blog entry), the deaths of anyone killed in Hatti when Bush tried to over throw that country's elected offical, the deaths in Cuba and Venezuela when you tried to over throw thoes countries, the deaths of American troops who died in an avoidable war in Iraq (inspections could have waited another 4 weeks), the deaths of Iraqis including women and children, the deaths in Louisiana, Mississippi and other who were shot, drowned or otherwise killed due to the negligence of your appointees, the 154 or so people who were put to death under your watch as governor some or many may have been innocent but were denied DNA test or retrials for unfit court room hearings.

The guy your wife killed, I guess I can't blame you for that Mr. Bush, you weren't even dating at the time. And I'm sure she didn't mean to kill her boyfriend, drunk driving Is a terrible thing. But I do see it as another death that was avoidable and was executed by your family. There is a lot of death surronding you and it is infecting my country. When you are thrown out of office it will take much more than "a good scrubbing" to get the stains you left in the whitehouse.

It will take years of forgivness and repair.


Blogger zdux0012 said...

West Virginia is listening

In a symbolic gesture the governor of WVa has stopped mining for a short time.

It's time to relook these laws the Bush Administration has passed.

9:50 PM  

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