Friday, January 20, 2006

Bin Lauden Vow of Death and Destruction doesn't raise terror alert level

Bin Lauden's new video out warns American's that a new threat is coming. The threat is in it's planning stages now but soon something bad will happen. How does the administraion + homeland security division handle this problem?

They don't do anything.

No messages from our homeland security. No color change on the how-scared-to-be-meter. Before this meter changed more frequently than the wind. Of course that was back when it was time for re-election.

I believe the reason for this is very simple. Bush already has everything he wants. Two new flunkyies on the supreme court. Regannomics, kickbacks from the multi-billion dollar corporations. A guaranteed war machine means that Bush will be rolling in the dough for years to come (Bush invests heavly on stocks that would be benifited from a giant war such as oil, the Carlyle group, and Halliburton). It's a good investment for some one like Bush. He loves money, he wants it quick, he doesn't care if it's stained with blood, and it will kill off the poor.

There is no more reason to scare the shit out of the American population. He's almost to the end of his term so there isn't really a any reason to scare the shit of the public. If he loved his country or even gave a shit,, he might mention a message about a warning. Instead he tells us that we are safer, he also tells us that we should have fear (just in case another political problem arises).

I have heard arguments that Bush will never leave office, he will demand wartime powers and never leave until he is forced out. I say why take the chance, we should remove him from office right now, physically if necessary. He doesn't have our best interests in mind and he is destroying every thing we hold dear as 'American'.

There is no American dream with this president, he thinks that if you are not born into wealth then you should get a job serving him at Starbucks or Welfare-Mart, stay off his lawn and die.


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