Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Austrian Kills minority and old crippled man

Sorry for the shocking title. It's not exactly true.

I'm refering to ARnold. He sentenced Tookie and now an old blind man to die. I'm reminded of the history of his people - the minorities and elderly people that were murdered becuase they were considered unfit for society. Here too these people are considered unfit for our society, there is no forgiveness no second chances, no opportunity to proove your worth.

Austria has evolved to a higher state of society than America has. Austria no longer uses capital punishment. ARnold has skipped that evolution. The worst part is that instead of teaching us something or adding to our culture he has decided adapt our archaic ways over his country's ways. He could have taught us something instead he reenforces what we are doing.

He could have prevented their deaths. If it were me I would abolish capital punishment all together. It doesn't stop crime, there is still crime. If I were the governator I would suspend the death penality during my time in office.


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