Friday, January 13, 2006

Altio makes argument against Public broadcasting

In 1984 this Alito joker actually made an argument againt public broadcasting, specifically news.

FCC v. League of Women Voters of California (1984)

Public news is the most unfiltered news source you can get. It's the best, fastest, and most truthful. Polls, and quizes show that I am right on this point. Republicans don't like the news without their take or spin on it. Bush has limited spending to public broadcasts, it even went as far as to make PBS go off the air for a couple of minutes in protest of the new rules. Neo-cons hate public news even more, because their arguments are based solely on lies and deception.

This case was struck down as being unconstitutional. Listening to this dipshot I keep hearing similar stories. Something like this his neo-right wing argument that was based on a techniquality was shot down by every other memeber ruling on the decision for being too exstreme or heartless. His ruling is for the corporation over the individual and for the white male over the minority female; for the average man over the retarded or crippled. I also ofter hear, "and thank god it was over turned because...". In many of thoes situations Alito himself agreed that it was good that his decision was shot down for the greater good of america.

Honestly I'd rather have a chimp pushing buttons randomly making decisions rather than this guy who is always going to vote for the rich white man.

Seems to me he would not be a good person to put in charge of determining the meaning of the constitution.


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