Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alito's Record

According to
One guest reports that Alito legacy includes a lifetime of rulings against Minorities and Women versus 2 rulings for Minorities and Women. 2 as in two.

Alito joins a ROTC group, maybe similar to the KKK with suits instead of sheets. Feels that this group membership would be a good thing to list for a job under Regan. (I'm sure it helped). But now he forgets.. what was that group? Against women? Well that's not why I joined! Against disabled? Well that's not why I joined! Against gays, restarted, blacks. Well I don't remember anything about the group or why I joined but I do know this, that's not why I joined.

Republican quickly chime in to ask if he hates minorities. This is what you call setting up someone for a home run. Alito puts it on the record that he does not hate anyone.

Hell of a job interview,, trying to get a job at Dairy Queen.. Do you hate the week and poor?

Well not unless you do or you want me to, then I 'm a card carrying member.

I dont believe Alito when he says that he forgot everything about this group except for the reasons that he did not join the group.


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