Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito the all white meat

Alito is for all white juries. Stastical evidance of racism was not enough evidance for this bigot. Statistics can be used to prove anything.

For a case where a mentally retarted person was sexually molested Alito pointed out the the victim's lawyer didn't cross all of his "t"'s or dot some of his "i"'s. Therefore Alito ruled that the victim should not be allowed a trial by a jury of his peers. Alito further states that this case was not a criminal case... So fucking what?

I don't want a judge that is anti-justice.

For miners in WV: He ruled that inspections rules of mines did not apply because this particular's mine was not underground. Alito points out that there are other laws (probablly) that might apply for this type of mine.

In all of these decision Alito chose the corporation over the rights of people.

Now for the kicker, the 1# reason we should throw this neo-con back to the den: Jerry Falwell Supports Alito


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