Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yet another failure of the Bush administration

Hamas Wins Palestinian Elections.

Making the world safer? I don't think so.

Bush you are screwing up the world pretty bad.
If Iran's nuclear program continues as is, it is likely that Isreal will destroy it. After that I predict the Palenstinian leadership will attack Isreal before Iran will. I think this is how world war 3 will start. If this all happens before 2008 then Bush will demand war time powers and extend his leadership past 2008. (He will demand greater powers: more than what he demands already {right to hold any individual with out a lawyer, right to kidnap and kill anyone in the world, right to listen to any form of communication with out checks}

If Bush has not been throw out of office before this then the people again will have the choice to stand up against Bush or take it.

Bush is the so-called anti-christ that has started this conflict. The anti-christ ledgend goes that the demon is a well intentioned person we trust. He will betray us and demand ultimate powers, we will have to make a decision to rebel against him or not.

Right wing christians are you listening?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The truth about Bush spying

Bush is spinning this every way he can. Here are the facts you need to know:

Bush could have sought out a rubber stamp approval.
Bush was turned down by congress.
There is no question about if what Bush did was illegal. It is illegal.
The congress represents the people as a protection to we the people.


The targets of this spying is not the targeted bad guys the Bush administration tells us, far far too often it is leftward leaning people who are opposed to the administration.

This protection, the definative line of where does the governmental power stop is a protection to us. If you hate big government then this is your enemy (republicans?).

The bad guys know and expect to be traced and take measures to avoid this.

Encryption is widely available in numerous formats. (See Comment)

The number of people generated by this program,, the people targeted to be spied upon is so numerous that it is hurting our war on bad guys.

Bush is not above the law.

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
Bush will turn over data about any and all meetings between the administration and Jack(off) Abermoff.

The Truth:
No he won't, he's most likely destroying that data right now as I type this. He had changed his position that all meetings are secret and none of our business. Looks like it will take a supenia, hopefully this data is backed up somewhere.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hidden Messages From Google

First of all let me say thank you to Google for fighting the Bush War Machine.

Searching for the word "stupid" on google brings you to bush (3rd link is also the first reference to a person "Too stupid to be president").

Searching for the word "moron" brings you to bush. 1st link "President Moron".

"Corrupt" 1st link's webpage's first picture of a human again Bush.

"war profiteering" 1st link "Truman", 2nd link "Republican", 3rd link "Cheney", 4th link "War Profiteering from Vietnam to Iraq"

"election fraud" = "with anomalies favoring George W. Bush every single time"

I don't think Bush is dumb,, I think it is an image they use to make Bush seem less dangerous.

Im sure the Bush war machine would spin this as popularity = high ranking results in all words including the ones I have cherry picked. Lets try this search a few years later to derive the truth to this.

Bush Kills Again

I've already reported that I attribute the recent deaths of miners in WV due to a pullback of funding of $15 million dollars.

Bush has killed more miners. West Virginia Are you Listening?

The Bush administration has changed the rules again to allow miner companies to store oxygen equipment near and next to conveyer belts. Earth to stupid oxygen burns, conveyer belts are covered in coal (coal burns), and conveyer belts aparently have rubbing metal parts that spark.

The WV miners are no fools they knew this was a dangerous combination. They knew that their greedy Virginia owners don't care either. Less space = more money. It's not the Virginia owner's that are working in the mines, it's not there sons or daughters either. It's the poor WV coal miners that are paying the price.

Recentally a fire was caused by oxygen equipment and conveyer belts, my heart and thoughts go out to thoughes families affected by this tragic loss.

This was preventable. If congressional lobbying was illegal, this wouldn't have happened. If our president wasn't for sell this wouldn't have happened. If Bush had a heart this wouldn't have happened. If Bush had a fully functional (non-Coked) brain this wouldn't have happened. If the people's votes were counted and democracy prevailed in 2000 or 2004 this wouldn't have happened.

Bush I blame you for these deaths, the deaths from the previous accident (that could have been avoided see previous blog entry), the deaths of anyone killed in Hatti when Bush tried to over throw that country's elected offical, the deaths in Cuba and Venezuela when you tried to over throw thoes countries, the deaths of American troops who died in an avoidable war in Iraq (inspections could have waited another 4 weeks), the deaths of Iraqis including women and children, the deaths in Louisiana, Mississippi and other who were shot, drowned or otherwise killed due to the negligence of your appointees, the 154 or so people who were put to death under your watch as governor some or many may have been innocent but were denied DNA test or retrials for unfit court room hearings.

The guy your wife killed, I guess I can't blame you for that Mr. Bush, you weren't even dating at the time. And I'm sure she didn't mean to kill her boyfriend, drunk driving Is a terrible thing. But I do see it as another death that was avoidable and was executed by your family. There is a lot of death surronding you and it is infecting my country. When you are thrown out of office it will take much more than "a good scrubbing" to get the stains you left in the whitehouse.

It will take years of forgivness and repair.

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
The President did not know or talk to Jack Abramoff. (This guy is going to be labeled Jackoff sooner or later. I just wanted to be on of the first to mention that.)

The Truth:
The Bush Administration is currently paying people to find and destroy any photos of these two. There are definatly a few, Scott McClellan admits that he knows of some at a fund-rasing christmas party. I couldn't find any to post but in about a week or two try clicking this link: Google Image Search or this link: Google Image Search


I know that the truth has a way of coming out, the administration can run from it for a while. Fool people for a while but the truth will be reveled.

My children will learn in history class that President Bush lied, cheated, and stole his way into and though politics. He will be known as the worst president, and used as an example of how not to do things. Sort of like how Adolf is used as a metaphore of pure evil, Bush will be used for corruption and wrong doing.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

King George III

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. (Spying on American's, breaking the Geneva conventions, etc..)

He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them. (Hurricane Katrina)

He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only. (Countless instances of corruption and war profiteering)

He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. (Basement hearings from Democrats, hearings for the NSA spying issue and hearings for the Downing streets memos were held in the basement of congress)

He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers. (He has personally disallow individuals from having attorneys)

He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance. (Homeland security)

He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the consent of our legislatures.

He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.

For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world.

For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent.

For depriving us, in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury.

For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences.

He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bin Lauden Vow of Death and Destruction doesn't raise terror alert level

Bin Lauden's new video out warns American's that a new threat is coming. The threat is in it's planning stages now but soon something bad will happen. How does the administraion + homeland security division handle this problem?

They don't do anything.

No messages from our homeland security. No color change on the how-scared-to-be-meter. Before this meter changed more frequently than the wind. Of course that was back when it was time for re-election.

I believe the reason for this is very simple. Bush already has everything he wants. Two new flunkyies on the supreme court. Regannomics, kickbacks from the multi-billion dollar corporations. A guaranteed war machine means that Bush will be rolling in the dough for years to come (Bush invests heavly on stocks that would be benifited from a giant war such as oil, the Carlyle group, and Halliburton). It's a good investment for some one like Bush. He loves money, he wants it quick, he doesn't care if it's stained with blood, and it will kill off the poor.

There is no more reason to scare the shit out of the American population. He's almost to the end of his term so there isn't really a any reason to scare the shit of the public. If he loved his country or even gave a shit,, he might mention a message about a warning. Instead he tells us that we are safer, he also tells us that we should have fear (just in case another political problem arises).

I have heard arguments that Bush will never leave office, he will demand wartime powers and never leave until he is forced out. I say why take the chance, we should remove him from office right now, physically if necessary. He doesn't have our best interests in mind and he is destroying every thing we hold dear as 'American'.

There is no American dream with this president, he thinks that if you are not born into wealth then you should get a job serving him at Starbucks or Welfare-Mart, stay off his lawn and die.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Garth Brooks homosexual feelings towards Iraqis

Just a few years ago, Garth Brooks couldn't proclaim his sexual desires loud enough. He just couldn't wait to have anal sex with a group of men using erotic toys on the Iraqi's. His thoughts on the exact sexual act he wanted to preform was turned into a song and broadcasted it to every southern redneck he could find. Furthermore his feelings were so strong that he started (or was part of) a movement against a group of three girls were opposed to the invasion of Iraq. I suppose Garth wanted multiple male on male action not three southern girls. You see Garth knew that invasion of Iraq was his best chance to have his sexual desires come to reality. I believe Garth's own words were that "we'll shove a boot up your ass".

Congradulations Garth.

Now that America has fullfilled Garth Brook's wild fantasies I wonder what he has to say about it. Was invading Iraq and shoving broom handles up foriegner's rectums as fun as you would thought it would be? Was it worth your grand-childrens lives? It wasn't worth mine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fox baised?

Is Fox baised?
Look at this poll. What does it tell you?

Yes "elected officals" (ask any pollister this word is the equilivant to "people you don't trust") do or do not take actions as a direct results of money they recieve or as a result of policy decision.

This technique is called obfuscate
people generally agree with the statement. But if we did a poll on who understood the question I think we'd get a message that goes a little deeper: fox is full of crap.

Austrian Kills minority and old crippled man

Sorry for the shocking title. It's not exactly true.

I'm refering to ARnold. He sentenced Tookie and now an old blind man to die. I'm reminded of the history of his people - the minorities and elderly people that were murdered becuase they were considered unfit for society. Here too these people are considered unfit for our society, there is no forgiveness no second chances, no opportunity to proove your worth.

Austria has evolved to a higher state of society than America has. Austria no longer uses capital punishment. ARnold has skipped that evolution. The worst part is that instead of teaching us something or adding to our culture he has decided adapt our archaic ways over his country's ways. He could have taught us something instead he reenforces what we are doing.

He could have prevented their deaths. If it were me I would abolish capital punishment all together. It doesn't stop crime, there is still crime. If I were the governator I would suspend the death penality during my time in office.

Yet Another lie from the Bush administration

The lie:

Bush: The eavesdropping program is a "vital tool" against terrorism.
Vice President Dick: It has saved "thousands of lives."

The truth:

F.B.I. officials repeatedly complained to the spy agency that the unfiltered information was swamping investigators.

But virtually all of them, current and former officials say, led to dead ends or innocent Americans.

The National Security Agency sent a steady stream of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and names to the F.B.I. in search of terrorists. The stream soon became a flood, requiring hundreds of agents to check out thousands of tips a month. This "vita tool" led to school teachers, old men at the gym, and other Americans.

Bush you are a Liar.

I got this information from the NY Times.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Failures in Iraq

I just read that the judge presiding over the Saddam "trial" has quit. Wow, that sounds pretty bad for this administration. I guess it's not the first time.

I've lost count of how many people this administration has appointed to office in Iraq that has been shot, bombed, or otherwise killed. If you add to that number the number of people in this administration (or individuals left over from the last administation) that resigned due to moral objectections, or as whistle blowers you start to see that this adminstration is a miserable failure.

Remember the new Iraqi flag? I saw it on CNN then I saw it in flames in Iraq. That was a terrible idea, to appoint a new flag to a people, to make that flag for our own purposes, to throw Israel into the mix in any form at all.

I would have run the war differently. I would have waited for the inspections.
There wouldn't have been a war,, but say we found super secret bad guy weapons over there and I had to invade to make america safe for democracy. I would have conducted the war this way (this is not written from hind-site these ideas were written down during the time that these events were unfolding):

The propaganda literature we dropped on the Iraqi troops would have had the message of: "Go Home for the next few days, this government is not with you"

Next I would have spent million of dollars to change every single American flag emblem on every single uniform, tank, etc. to have an Iraqi flag included on it.

I would have spent millions of dollars to teach our troups how to speak the languages they would encounter in Iraq, about the cultrual and normal everyday activities in Iraq, and that would have included a system to teach our troops to respect and honor their religions.

I would have spent millions of dollars to get the radios, armor, and anti-badguy poison defense utility belts that were needed. I would have enough left over to give to the citizens if we did indeed find that this was needed.

I would have stopped the looting, I would have sent in a UN peace keeping force. I would have had the help of a coalition of the willing that was willing and was deverse.

I would have our troops asking Iraqis for advice on the best way to keep order.

I would have chopped up Saddam's palaces in to little bits, boiled them down to their elements (gold silver etc.) and sold that to generate money for libraries and schools.

I wouldn't have lowered taxes in an attempt to bankrupt social security.

We could have done it right.

Rev. Martin Luther King

Today we celebrate Rev. Martin Luther King. Go listen to some of his speaches, you can find them anywhere on the internet. I sugget that you listen to the lessor know recordings, you can find a lot of interesting parallels between his time and our time.

Although he was very contraversal for his time we find that he was right on every issue he addressed. It was a hard lesson for a lot of us to hear at the time. I can't help but think that the repbulicans of today were against Rev King (or they would have been at the). They were for the war, they were for the status quo, they were scared of change.

Bush and his administration would have been the ones protesting against Rev. King. That is if Bush would have not have been a dope-head he would have protested the movement that brought about social justice, democracy, freedom and equality. I suppose Bush is making up for that time now.

Today we should give thanks for his contributionship to our country. Thank you for making America better.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Altio makes argument against Public broadcasting

In 1984 this Alito joker actually made an argument againt public broadcasting, specifically news.

FCC v. League of Women Voters of California (1984)

Public news is the most unfiltered news source you can get. It's the best, fastest, and most truthful. Polls, and quizes show that I am right on this point. Republicans don't like the news without their take or spin on it. Bush has limited spending to public broadcasts, it even went as far as to make PBS go off the air for a couple of minutes in protest of the new rules. Neo-cons hate public news even more, because their arguments are based solely on lies and deception.

This case was struck down as being unconstitutional. Listening to this dipshot I keep hearing similar stories. Something like this his neo-right wing argument that was based on a techniquality was shot down by every other memeber ruling on the decision for being too exstreme or heartless. His ruling is for the corporation over the individual and for the white male over the minority female; for the average man over the retarded or crippled. I also ofter hear, "and thank god it was over turned because...". In many of thoes situations Alito himself agreed that it was good that his decision was shot down for the greater good of america.

Honestly I'd rather have a chimp pushing buttons randomly making decisions rather than this guy who is always going to vote for the rich white man.

Seems to me he would not be a good person to put in charge of determining the meaning of the constitution.

Bush's Axis of Evil Speech Screwed the Pooch

One of the many stupid things said by the administration was that Iran was part of the Axis of Evil. Axis of Evil implied that they were working together not a disjoined community of bad guys. Saddam + Osama had different ideologies, N. Korea scares the hell out of everyone equally, and the rest of the middle east is also divided into smaller factions. There is no joined community of bad guys.

What Bush didn't realize (or he did realize and he was recklessly doing on purpose) is that his bad guy's speach, while firing up rednecks here was simutaniously firing up rednecks over there. Level-headed leaders of Iran who were trying to make the case that America wasn't so bad after all could no longer make that case. Think about it,, if you are saying that Jim's not so bad yet at the same time Jim is telling everyone that he hates you, you hate him, you hate his way of life, and that you are an obsticle to peace and freedom,, then people aren't going to listen to you any more about Jim. And that is exactly what happened. We screwed any chance we had of a diplomatic solution for at least 10 years.

I rose the question of did Bush act stupid purley on neglect of intellectual thought or did he act stupid on purpose? Did he think he was helping doing the right thing? I would argue that either way this guy is just as dangerous to our way of life and to our freedom. I cant tell if Bush is really that conspicuously unintelligent. I suspect that he knows exactly what he is told to do will in fact cause a lot of harm. But I believe that he thinks this harm is only in the short term, in the long term things will magically work out for the better.

You see I believe George isn't a man that likes to read, he himself boasted that his wife does the reading for the family (Although I don't think Cosmopolitan should count). So that leaves him movies as the main form of entertainment. I don't think he watches cowboy movies being a connecticut yankee, if he watched cowboy movies I think he would have turn out a little better. No Bush is a terminator 2 guy, vigilantes with a cause, chasing down the evil bomb maker before it explodes, even an occasional evil space robot movie. All of these movies have a common theme: big fight then the good guy wins, oh yeah and we are the good guy.

I believe that Bush knows that he doesn't know all of the answers but that he believes that his abusive mother did. His momma used to scare the shit out of him,, maybe even whack him on the head a couple of times. I know she scares me. His mom needed a tough exterior, I don't blame her for that, we all develop our own coping mechanisms. Because of that the mom got her answers from the toughest neo-cons she could find, which includes Pat Robertson. So Bush does't know the answers or the methods to get what he wants, he may not always know what he wants, but he knows who does know all of the answers. And that's his mom and her neo-consertive base.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alito's Record

According to
One guest reports that Alito legacy includes a lifetime of rulings against Minorities and Women versus 2 rulings for Minorities and Women. 2 as in two.

Alito joins a ROTC group, maybe similar to the KKK with suits instead of sheets. Feels that this group membership would be a good thing to list for a job under Regan. (I'm sure it helped). But now he forgets.. what was that group? Against women? Well that's not why I joined! Against disabled? Well that's not why I joined! Against gays, restarted, blacks. Well I don't remember anything about the group or why I joined but I do know this, that's not why I joined.

Republican quickly chime in to ask if he hates minorities. This is what you call setting up someone for a home run. Alito puts it on the record that he does not hate anyone.

Hell of a job interview,, trying to get a job at Dairy Queen.. Do you hate the week and poor?

Well not unless you do or you want me to, then I 'm a card carrying member.

I dont believe Alito when he says that he forgot everything about this group except for the reasons that he did not join the group.

Actor that played the Terminator, Termminates social services aimed the poor

The programs ARnold (to many steroids make your tonge and balls shrival, so it's haRRd to say ARnold) cut would hurt the poorest of the poor and yet at the same time not put a dent in the deficit.

Sure your'll make a couple of thousands of dollars, but in turn you are going to hurt the economy, because the people that are the most likely to spend money, and spend money diversely are not going to be able to spend the money they won't have.

In one single swoop ARnold screws the poor and his state. Why did we elect this guy again?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So who's Bush spying on?

Bush is spying on these guys:


Quakers from vermont. People that have protested every war, people that live in the middle of nowhere, people that don't really have the resources to do much harm to anyone.

I'm more scared of old ladies that I don't know, even old ladies that I do know!

It's as if the facists want to spy on the hippies, just because that's how they were taught how to do it. I mean come on, there is a weird guy at the bus stop near my home sometimes he spits at people and he always smells like pee. Go spy on him,, maybe you could solve the mystery of why the bus stop always smells like pee. But peace activists are never going to hurt anyone. It's gareenteed in their motto. It's like spying on linux users looking for closed source activists. It's just ludicrus.

The peace activists can't win by killing people, as soon as a peace activist kills someone they stop being a peace activist and become a psycho. Furthermore,, these are the most level-headed people you will ever come across in your life. These people didn't rush to judgement about hating the bad guys. They don't want to blow the shit out of anyone. If anyone should be commended for being a christian idealist it would be these people.

Bush rushed us in to a war, lied to us, manipulate(s) our media, our voting machines. And now he is going to tell us that our tax dollars are protecting us from level-headed hippies!!

Most of these people aren't even hippies any more. Bush is such a miserable failure that his own base are starting to take over the anti-war base. The anti-war movement is run by not only hippies but also the military, military families, and the poor (for it is they who more often than not get killed in wars).

Alito the all white meat

Alito is for all white juries. Stastical evidance of racism was not enough evidance for this bigot. Statistics can be used to prove anything.

For a case where a mentally retarted person was sexually molested Alito pointed out the the victim's lawyer didn't cross all of his "t"'s or dot some of his "i"'s. Therefore Alito ruled that the victim should not be allowed a trial by a jury of his peers. Alito further states that this case was not a criminal case... So fucking what?

I don't want a judge that is anti-justice.

For miners in WV: He ruled that inspections rules of mines did not apply because this particular's mine was not underground. Alito points out that there are other laws (probablly) that might apply for this type of mine.

In all of these decision Alito chose the corporation over the rights of people.

Now for the kicker, the 1# reason we should throw this neo-con back to the den: Jerry Falwell Supports Alito

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Supreme hotdog Alito

Alito downplays his own legal careear and instead decides to talk to congress about the good old days of college.

He makes a joke about cruel and unusual punishment.
Hey fuck you buddy. This government, our people have serious decisions to make in the now about "cruel and unusual punishemnt". This is not a laughing matter.

Don't talk to me about the role of a judge versus an attorney. You are a neo-con activist.

where's the beef

Where is the money these right-wingers have stolen from the native americans?

Well Bush gave his back, back to the charities.

Thanks for the funding Bush, but that's not your money to give. Before you donate the money you have to launder it, and you should really donate before the scandle not after. And it's not like the money is doing good things now, it's going to black churches to buy votes. Head's up george they aint buying what your selling.

Still this money is peanuts to the 2 trillion dollar war machine. When you see the word Bush think "war machine".

Tom Delay suffers from "Fatal Publicity"

New issue framed by the right wing thinktanks.

Tom Delay was given "Fatal Publicity".

When is publicity bad?
Only 2 situations:
1) when you have allegedly molested children
2) you are a big crook, you got caught and you should be in jail.

Tom Delay failing is his own. Corruption and greed caught up with him. Not the media. Blaming this on the media is like saying it was the media's fault that thoes native american's got screwed over.

WV Miners

You know what would really help mine saftey? $15 million dollars would do it.

Of course $15 million dollars now would be too late. But $15 million dollars a few years ago could have helped our working class heros.

Bush decided that this price tag was too high for our health and saftey.

I'm going to add these 12 deaths to my list of deaths cause by this administration.

Bush Spys on US

Bush didn't ask our permission before he listened to our phone calls. He didn't ask the courst to rubber stamp it either.

He doesn't understand how democracy works, or he understands it perfectly and he is trying to undermine it.

Here is how it works: We watch the government to make sure we are safe. The government does not watch us to keep us safe, when the government is watching us it means it is trying to control us and it has something to hide.

Can you trust someone to watch, protect, and inform you of danger? No I don't think so.


He listens to your phone calls, he increases your state taxes, he's telling you what medical procedures you can afford and can preform.

He didn't forget to ask permission to tap our phones, he just did it. He didn't want the permission. He didn't seek the power of the rubberstamp because he sought out to destroy it. It's the federalist parties goal to expand the powers of the president and erode the powers of congress (which means we the people). This allows for corruption, or has the administration would put it kick backs.

He didn't forget to ask permission, he knew what he was doing was wrong. His flunkys knew it was wrong, even the dying John Ashcroft was a hesitant. You know what happened to the last guy.

He listened to our phone calls without seeking the rubberstamp approval of the court system. He could have easily gotten the warrents he needed but that's not what he did.

Just who is he listening to? Is he listening to Biden's conversations with Kennedy? Is he? How can we know that he's not? Suppose that he had fore knowledge of a democratic senator's conversation with a diplomat or another congressman. I'm not saying that Bush is trying to spy on Ted Kennedy I'm just saying that he is opening the door to this sort of behavior. He wants that option on the table. He'd also use it if he could.

Oh and by the way he can.

Bush is also trying to sneak in laws at new points thoughout the legislative process. He's trying to destablize congress.

Hell of a plan isn't it? Get power by tampering with the voting machines, get class warfare by bankrupting the economy, get money by creating a war and fear.

the revolution is coming, I can hear it like a thunderstorm pounding.

You can fool all of the people some of the time. But we are not fooled, and your time is up.

Marketing Hype

According to The Technology Liberation Front's 50% of HDTV users don't watch their expensive TV in high definition. 25% didn't know that they were not watching HDTV.

According to my research that means that 50% of HDTV users are idiots, that bought the latest newest gadget beacuse it was the newest thing that they were told to buy.

Lets estimate how much money these morons spent all because they were told to do so. CEDIA reports that 4 million HDTV sets were sold in the US. (That's 2 million idiots.) Froogle reports that a low end HDTV monitor costs $300 and a high end costs $20,000. I could average these numbers together but I don't think that $10,150 is the average price paid. So lets say that the average HDTV costs $7,000. So that is $14,000,000,000 dollars spent by mindless consumers.

14 Billion dollars could buy 2 more months in Iraq
Probablly wipe out poverty in a few states
Probablly cure a horrible disease

Whats more is that of the 50% of HDTV users that do watch HDTV, they only get 1 channel maybe 3. Was it really worth the $6,400 more you spent?

If you are a HDTV owner I hope that you feel really stupid and guilty. You should donate that wasted money to a good cause.

Bush's Bullshit Plan for Success in Iraq

I make it no secret that I am no fan of Bush. I don't like greed. I don't like fundamentalist thinking. I don't like liars.

But I was excited to read Bush's new PDF document explaining his vision of success. ( You see I have been lazy, like all of us American's I didn't put the time and effort into learning about the many minorities in Iraq. I don't understand the differences between the Shi'a and Ba'ath's. I can't name them all and I don't know their religions. I don't understand their cultural differences or how Saddam managed to keep them working together.

I wanted to read a paper explaining all of this and how it would fit together. I wanted to be reassured that someone had taken a hard look at all of these details and put them together for me. Instead what I got was a overnighter. We've all stayed up till 4:00 am to write a term paper that we had put off to late. Hoping to get a C- and pass the class. Bush's Plan was no better than that.

It gets worse. It wasn't just an over-nighter. It was written by right-wing think tanks to buy the administration a couple of days off. I have heard 8 year old children plan out their day at the zoo in greater detail than this steaming pile of dung. It was written so that people wouldn't read it, they will look at the fancy title and skim though it, just until they see that it says nothing new. If the message is the same as it has always been then it must be right, right?

A very simple word count can rip this document apart better than an in-depth analysis. An in-depth analysis assumes that this piece of crap deserves to be looked at. No no, this pile of shit deserves only what a database can do in 8 seconds.

This is a substring search so searching free will return in occurances such as: freedom, free, or freeform.

First just to test the word count lets try the word “the”.

The – 1053

Next lets try meaningless buzz words:

Freedom – 26

Strategy – 44

Terror – 103 (3 times per page!!)

Now lets get to the meat of this document. Well search for some common minorities of Iraq:

Shi’a – 4

Ba’ath – 0

Kurd – 2

Is there anything more important than these minorties? Well obviously not to Bush.

Bush – 7

Bush's own name appears in his (that is written for him) plan for success than the minorities that it seeks to manipulate. Hmm I smell stupid

Marshal kills passenger at Miami airport

This story is so insane that it needs little comment from me.

What if the passenger really had a bomb? Shooting him is the last thing you want to do. This marshal should be sent to jail for the sheer stupidity that could have led himself and the entire crew to death. He is very lucky that this guy did not have a bomb becase if he did no one would be talking about gun shots in airplanes, they'd be talking about the pieces of wreckage found.

He could have hit the bomb.
The bullet could have depressurized the cabin.
The bullet could have ricocheted off of a million different things and hit anyone.

Most likely scenario: He could have shot the passenger, the passenger now shot and dieing would have little reason to not explode the bomb so he would then explode the bomb killing everyone.

Way to go Bush, you really thought this one out didn’t you. I feel a lot safer now knowing that there defiantly is a gun on the plane. A gun held by a guy who has been riding airplanes all day and is itching for some action. How the hell is this “making America safer”???!!!!!

I hope that after Bush is thrown out of office that he rides in an airplane and there is some kind of emergency where an air marshal thinks its a good idea to pull out a gun. Maybe then Bush will see how freaking stupid this idea was.

Rice Lies

The United States has respected -- and will continue to respect -- the sovereignty of other countries.

The United States does not transport, and has not transported, detainees from one country to another for the purpose of interrogation using torture.

The United States does not use the airspace or the airports of any country for the purpose of transporting a detainee to a country where he or she will be tortured.

The United States has not transported anyone, and will not transport anyone, to a country when we believe he will be tortured. Where appropriate, the United States seeks assurances that transferred persons will not be tortured.

Does the United States lie? Because you are. Who do you represent? Certainly not me.

Problem with kidnapping

According to Rice, we don't kidnap we don't torture. According to the truth we do. According to the kidnapees we do, according to other countries that have reported missing people we do. According to our own military and cia we do.

This article is about kidnapping, but maybe it should be about lying to the public.

The real problem with kidnapping people is that it opens the door to kidnapping. Hey America does it!

We see this horror unfold as our peace activists get kidnapped. The Christian Peacemaker Teams were kidnapped. I think we should not feel that this is unfair or any less horrible than when we do it.

Of course there is a big difference. We only kidnap bad guys or people with similar sounding names. They (and by they I mean the bad-guys) kidnap any American they can get their hands on.

Before we freed the Iraqis it was possible for Americas to visit Iraq, look around and say take some pictures. After Bush's freedom war {of course I'm talking about the war against WMD, bad-guys, and the guy who tried to kill his pappy} it is no longer possible (or nearly as easy) for an American (or white guy, or Iraqi for that matter) to go to a local Market and say take a photo or two. Bush's freedom war had the opposite effect. The effect of creating more bad guys.

America cannot continue in the mindset that we can kill all of the bad guys. It just doesn't work that way.

Did Bush really tell Blair that he wanted to blow up Al Jazeera

Of course he did. And if you think otherwise then you are forcing yourself to belive a lie, you don't want to believe that just maybe America has elected an right-wing, Coke-head, gun-nut to the highest office in our land.

Proof? Do you want proof. Well for starters lets look at the memo. But we can't yet can we? Why has Blair hidden this memo? Because the truth would hurt too much. It would help the "bad guys" (I won't use the word terrorists).

Next lets look at the media campaign against Al-Jazerra here in our own land, hell at the time I wanted to blow them up. I assumed that they were right-wing crazyies that is until I read their news and decided for myself.

More proof? Ask the reporters that have been killed and shot at by our own Armed forces. Al Jazerra has been very open with telling America exactly where their offices are located. We have asked them many times about the location of their offices, and they have responded promptly each time. Sometimes just after us having targeted them for demolition. Sometimes just before blowing them to shit. They have nothing to hide, they are only reporting the news.

More proof? Ask the Al Jazeera reporter that is currently being held in a black site by our government. Oh wait we can't ask him can we? He's probablly getting ass-fucked with a boot by Garth Brooks right now. Why are we holding him? He was at many sites that we targeted with bombs. How did he know? Did he have inside information? Or did he just have better luck with the traffic since he is a local. The mere fact that we are holding a foriegn reporter in our secret-bad-guy-prisons is proof enough that this dick-head George W. Bush has a bone to pick with Al Jazerra.

More proof? Look at how Bush has manipulated the media here and in Iraq. He is the master of propaganda. The Bushites treat the truth like this: What ever people believe is true is true enough. Americans are too fat and lazy to stop eating pop-tarts or to get off the couch to give a damn.

When the facts fail Bush, Bush makes them up.

Al-Qaeda’s third most important leader Killed, yet another sign of mistaken War in Iraq

Just recentally in the news we were told that the 3rd ranking Al Qaeda offical has been killed. If we look at this story in more detail we see that this is yet another sign that the war in Iraq was a big step in the wrong direction.

The offical was killed in Pakistan, not Iraq. The offical was killed with a drone plane not a standing Army. The same type of plane that President Clinton made possible because he supported it and funded it. Bush was against these drone plans and made the statement that the previous administration was misusing funds.

Instead Bush wanted to spend defense money on Missle defense. When he withdrew America from the ABM ballastic treaty missle he put our country in danger both by misapproaiting funds and by making America just a little bit bigger of a threat to the rest of the world.

Forest Gump once stated that "stupid is as stupid does". Bush shows us just how stupid that can be. Stupid + Wrong decisions + Resent for Clinton Presidancy = Miserable Failure

Messages we missed when we voted for G.W. Bush

Here are a few things I think we forgot to consider when we (as a nation not me) voted for Bush.

1) He had never been outside of the country prior to being selected President. (First trip to Europe he was protested against. With signs like "Go Home". If I was there I'd have a sign that said "Stay here".
2) Unlike Clinton he did inhale (or snort, or drink)
3) Most people could not afford his drug of choice
4) He was/is an alcholic
5) He was/is a failed business man
6) He has several ties to big Oil, here and in Saudi Arabia
7) His mud slinging campaign against McCain was way below the belt. A nigger child?
8) We did not fully investigate who sent Al Gore the Box of Bush's prepared speaches. Rove of course did this.

migrating from my space

I kept having trouble with the popular blog webpage my_space. My pages would be lost, data seemed corrupted or changed. Then I read about the censorship and custom editing my_space does. Now I'm out of there. Screw you my_space. Censorship hurts America. You are not protecting anyone. If you don't like what I have to say then challenge me to a debate don't hide from the truth.