Tuesday, January 16, 2007

True American

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blood Stains

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yet another failure of the Bush Administration

Yet another failure of the Bush Administration

This time the failure is the disorganized death of Saddam Hussein.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure he was a horrible guy. I have no doubt that he raped, murdered, and tortured people and that he deserved to be brought to justice for it. I would prefer him to be in jail than dead, but I do believe that any court that could have found death as a penalty would have found this penalty.

Here is where the failure comes in. America invested billions in propaganda to make Iraq and Saddam an enemy. We took the leader of another country to death and destroyed the natural order of that country.
This puts America in a very bad position. Why should another country not be able to declare us as an enemy and kill our leader?

The court that found Saddam guilty was not an international court.
Not all of the evidence against Saddam was brought to court.
Saddam killed far more people than he was tried for, these other victims deserve a voice.

Bush took away the voice of some of the victims of Saddam. Perhaps because Rumsfeld needed cover. Saddam's WMD were from America. Saddam's victims were targeted by America.

Through Saddam we used chemical weapons against Iran. What is to stop Iran from investing billions in propaganda, call us the enemy and kill our leader?

If the death penalty is used against a human, that human should at least have the right to a civil death. Let the human pass in peace. Saddam's death was chaos, people shouting at him telling him to go to hell. It gets worse...

Saddam's death will further separate the people of Iraq.

If the sentence was delayed, a new trial given to Saddam he would have surely met the same end. But the difference is that the court could have been internationally recognized. The people of Iraq could have seen this as a unifying action instead of a dividing one. And most of all the full list of victims of Saddam could have been heard. America would have been forced to come to terms with it's past. America would have to learn from it's mistakes. And Rumsfeld would have one more reason given to him why he will burn in hell.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Events of September 11, 2001

When discussing / debating the events on 9/11 the debate should start here:

  • Chemical analysis shows that Thermate was used to destroy the buildings
  • The towers fell too quickly
  • Explosions were reported before the planes hit
  • There are many problems with the Pentagon story
  • The government continues to change their story to keep up with the evidance
  • NIST built a model of the towers and could not reproduce the damage
  • Cheney went out of his way to be in charge of the secret control room (this is not the vice president's job pre-2000), Cheney is at the same time conducting war games that are identicle to the events of the day.

Bush in the classroom :
Consider this. You are a member of Bush's seceret service. Suddenly it is realized that the country is under attack. Your mind will immedately go to 1) your job 2) your own saftey.

Here is what you know:
  • Planes are being used as weapons.
  • An unknown number of people must have worked together to cause this event.
  • It is a big event.
  • If the presidnet dies you die.

Here is what you do not know:
  • How many planes.
  • What other weapons will be used / have been used.
  • How many attackers there are.

Here is what you must assume:
  • Since the president's location has been widely published for at least a month they know where the president is.
  • Since they are using a mobile weapon they can hit anywhere at anytime.
  • The attacks will mostly likely occur now as opposed to later since planes can be grounded or destroyed.

  • The president is in the greatest danger now.
  • The best way to protect the president is to leave the area.
  • The people in the area are also in danger they should also leave.
  • You are in danger if you want to live then you must also leave.

My point:
  • It would be incorrect to assume that the unknown entity would/could not attack the president.
  • If you are the secret service your own human instincts should have kicked in. "I want to live".
  • This did not occur.
  • Therefore the seceret service must have known that the terrorist would not attack the president.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Terrorists: Left or Right?

One of the people responsible for the anthrax scare also supports:
  • A right wing website freerepublic
  • A right wing nut job ann coulter
  • Some kookie bitch kathrine harris

Right now Fox news is trying to tie Iranians, Iraqis, and anyone they can label as a terrorist as a supporter of the democrats. The truth is to the contrary. The democrats support Israel which runs contrary to your typical "terrorist" and it is the right wing nut jobs that are the domestic terrorists.

Left wingers are never evil. When they blowup car plants they do it at night to avoid people. When they blowup labs again at night. John Lennon was murdered, Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Gandi. All left wingers opposed by right-wing nuts.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Future failed policy: Space War!!

Bush has announced that he is going to protect us from invaders from space. Not aliens, other countries. Bush is going to tap the one last place in the universe where there are no WMD and make sure that the WMD put there are on our WMD.

Rumsfled made Iraq safe from Biological weapons.
Rumsfled made Iran safe from nuclear power.
Now Rumsfeld will make space and thus the world safe from war.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How Iran went Nuclear

Here is something the Bush machine doesn't want you to know:

Iran went nuclear under the approval of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

1976 Iran sees itself as having a lot of oil but a finite supply. They need to sell the oil to improve infastructure but at the same time they will need to plan for energy needs of the future. Also as a security check Iran should have an indigenous method to produce nuclear fuel. Under President Ford and with the blessing of Rumsfled and Cheney Iran went nuclear.

Lets look at these facts, this will rock your world:
  • Bin Laden created by our CIA
  • Hussien put in power by America.
  • Donald Rumsfled sold Iraq all of the biological weapons it had.
  • Iran went nuclear with the blessing of Rumsfled and Cheney.
  • Korea actively ignored while they threaten to go nuclear

This is a long standing policy of corruption, error and failure.